Fetal abduction

Fetal abduction is the kidnapping of an unborn child by forcing a pregnant mother to comply with an early delivery, sometimes using forceps or in some cases reaching into the womb and then taking the fetus directly from the mother. If the mother does not survive then it is a case of Murder-Abduction. In the case of fetal abduction without murder, it is considered a child kidnapping and is a violation of the law and subject to federal penalties as in the Lindbergh Baby Case.

Abductor profile

Fetal abductions often happen at the hands of a friend, and are in some cases done by a woman. According to “Abductions from the Womb”, an article by Dr. Marlene Dalley for the RCMP, in most cases of fetus abduction, the abductor befriends the pregnant victim, all the while planning to kill her and extract the baby (which may be through the use of Cesarean section) obviously risking the baby's health and life. Unlike infant abductions, the fetus abductor is so determined to impersonate a woman who has given birth, that she may even take the child to a hospital, after cutting herself internally to make it look as if she has given birth to a child that she not, first through use of weight gain, then the use of prosthesis to fake a pregnant womb.

These abductors carried out such crimes because they felt a desire to form or strengthen a partner relationship and to live out a fantasy of their own of delivering a child. The people who commit such a crime cannot get pregnant because of age or other reproductive issues. Pressed for legitimacy of their own fake pregnancy, they merely take advantage of another woman’s pregnancy. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s spokesperson, Cathy Nahirny, stated in 2007, “Many times the abductor fakes a pregnancy and when it is time to deliver the baby, must abduct someone else's child”.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

According to BBC News article, “The Women Who Kill for Babies” by Chris Summers (2007),[1] “The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) in Virginia says there have been nine fetus abductions or attempted abductions since 1987. That compares with 251 infant abductions between 1983 and September 2007.” The numbers have gradually been increasing since then.

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