Express bus service

A TheBus with destination marquee indicating "Express" service to Village Park on the H-1 Freeway.

An express bus service (also known as commuter bus service) is a bus service that is intended to run faster than normal bus services between the same two commuter or destination points.

Express buses operate on a faster schedule by not making as many stops as normal bus services and often taking quicker routes, such as along freeways. They may also operate out of park and rides only during rush hour in peak direction or operate as all-day service.

The fare on an express bus service may be higher than normal parallel services, for the quicker service. Many express buses require passengers to purchase tickets before boarding the bus, speeding up the service.

In many cases, an express bus service is identified by a letter before or after the regular route number. For example, in Sydney, the letters L (as in L90), E (as in E70) and X (as in 610X or X84).


Examples of commuter express services would be the Indy Express Bus, which links the communities of Carmel and Fishers to Indianapolis, which connects Nashua, NH and South Station in downtown Boston. An example of an interstate express serive is the Starlight Express, which connects New York City to Charlottesville, VA. A more specialized service is the 351 Meadowlands Express which ferries fans to the Meadowlands Sports Complex from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in midtown Manhattan.

Services operated by public agencies


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