Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania

Logo of the ELCT
Classification Protestant
Orientation Lutheran
Leader Fredrick Onael Shoo[1]
Associations LWF, AACC, WCC, CCT
Region Tanzania
Origin 1963
Branched from Federation of Lutheran Churches in Tanganyika
Congregations 1,104
Members 6,531,336 (2015)[2]
Ministers 1,500
Official website http://www.elct.org/

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) is the federation of Lutheran churches in Tanzania and one of the largest Lutheran denomination in the world with more than 6 million members.[3]

In 1938, seven Lutheran churches founded a federation known as the Federation of Lutheran Churches in Tanganyika. On June 19, 1963, the churches merged to become a single church known as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.[4]

The church is led by a presiding bishop and twenty-four diocesan bishops, representing 24 dioceses, and has a membership of more than 6.5 million.[5] The Head Office of the Church is in Arusha, where it has owned the New Safari Hotel since 1967. The church is affiliated with the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC), the Christian Council of Tanzania, and the Lutheran World Federation.

The ELCT is an organization which reaches out to the people of Tanzania offering worship opportunities, Christian education, and numerous social services.



  • Central Diocese[6]
  • Dodoma Diocese[7]
  • East of Lake Victoria Diocese[8]
  • Eastern & Coastal Diocese[9]
  • Iringa Diocese[10]
  • Karagwe Diocese[11]
  • Konde Diocese[12]
  • Lake Tanganyika Diocese[13]
  • Mara Region Diocese[14]
  • Mbulu Diocese[15]
  • Meru Diocese[16]
  • Morogoro Diocese[17]

  • Northern Diocese[18]
  • North-Central Diocese[19]
  • North-Eastern Diocese[20]
  • North-Western Diocese[21]
  • Pare Diocese[22]
  • Ruvuma Diocese[23]
  • Southern Diocese[24]
  • South-Central Diocese[25]
  • South-East of Lake Victoria Diocese[26]
  • South-Eastern Diocese[27]
  • South-Western Diocese[28]
  • Ulanga Kilombero[29]

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