Christianity in Bangladesh

The Portuguese Church in Old Chittagong; the seat of the Bishop of Chittagong

The earliest recorded Christians in the territory of modern-day Bangladesh arrived during the Bengal Sultanate. Portuguese missionaries and traders in Porto Grande, Chittagong built the region's first churches during the 16th century. The Jesuits opened their first mission in 1600. Mughal and colonial Dhaka was home to Armenians, Greeks, Catholics and Anglicans. Islam is the majority religion in Bangladesh (89.1%), followed by Hinduism (10%). Christianity is a minority religion in Bangladesh (0.5%),[1] and together with the other minority religions makes up 0.9% of the population (includes Buddhism, Judaism, etc., 2013 est.).[2]


Having worked in Bangladesh as a missionary since 1952, Father Richard William Timm, C.S.C. won the Ramon Magsaysay Award Peace and International Understanding, the Asian Nobel Prize, in 1987 in recognition of his work as a teacher, as a biologist studying plant-parasitic worms, and with Caritas on relief efforts.[3] Christians have been serving by education and health sector greatly. This tiny community has some 1000 schools and some 100 health care center and hospitals. In Bangladesh, Christian community run country's largest cooperative bank in Dhaka.


Catholic Church

There are seven Catholic dioceses in Bangladesh. Some 400,000 Catholics has in these diocese. Diocese lead by local bishops. Archbishop Patrick D'Rozario is head among Catholics.

List of Protestant denominations

Christian Media

From Christian community has some media house. The Weekly Pratibeshi, Sargamarta, Bd Christian News, Dhaka Credit News etc. The Weekly Pratibeshi is oldest weekly in t he country, established 76 years ago. Bd Christian News is a news site where cover news on Christian community of Bangladesh. Other Christian media also cover Christian's issue importantly.

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