ESPN is a Spanish language sports website launched by ESPN in 2000.[1] Currently, it has regional editions for the Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, United States and Venezuela. The website features news, analysis and results of several sports, including association football, American football, baseball, basketball, boxing, motorsport, tennis, rugby union, golf and polo, as well as the Olympic Games and X Games. Some sections are branded, such as ESPN FC (association football) and ESPN Scrum (rugby).

Several journalists from ESPN Deportes and ESPN Latin America also appear on ESPN, including Raúl Allegre, John Sutcliffe, Ciro Procuna, Francisco Alemán, Tito Puccetti, Enrique Sacco and Martín Urruty.

According to Alexa, ESPN is ranked as the 47th most visited website in Mexico, 87th in Venezuela, 130th in Colombia, and 194th in Argentina.[2][3][4][5] Also according to Alexa, 6.1% of the traffic goes to ESPN,[6] and is the 65th most visited Spanish language website.[7]

A SDP Noticias journalist ranked ESPN as the best Spanish-language sports website, beating Fox Sports, Marca and As.[8]


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