George Bodenheimer

George Bodenheimer
Born George W. Bodenheimer
(1958-05-06) May 6, 1958
Residence New York City
Alma mater Denison University
Employer ESPN
Title Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks
President, ESPN, Inc. and ABC Sports
Website George W. Bodenheimer

George Bodenheimer (born May 6, 1958) is the former president of ESPN Inc. and of ABC's sports division, known since 2006 as ESPN on ABC. He was president of ESPN since November 19, 1998 and of the former ABC Sports since March 3, 2003. As president of ESPN, he launched: ESPNHD, ESPN2HD, ESPN Plus, ESPN PPV, ESPN3, ESPN Motion, ESPNU, ESPN Deportes. As of October, 2011 Bodenheimer was replaced by John Skipper.

George was first hired at ESPN as a mailroom clerk.

The Sports Business Journal named Bodenheimer the most influential person of 2008 on a list of 50 people.[1]

As of January 1, 2012, Bodenheimer was the executive chairman of ESPN, with John Skipper replacing him as president. [2]


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