Catarina or La Fille du Bandit

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Lithograph by J. Branard of Lucile Grahn in the title role of the Perrot/Pugni Catarina. Here Grahn is costumed for the celebrated Pas Stragétique. London, 1846

Catarina ou la Fille du bandit is a ballet in three acts and four scenes, with libretto and choreography by Jules Perrot and music by Cesare Pugni. The libretto is based on an incident in the life of the Italian painter Salvator Rosa. The work was first presented by the Ballet of Her Majesty's Theatre on 3 March 1846 in London, England, with Lucile Grahn (as Catarina, leader of the bandits) and Jules Perrot (as the Lieutenant Diavolino).


Lucile Grahn as Catarina with Jules Perrot as Diavolino in the celebrated Polka de Catarina from the Perrot/Pugni Catarina, London, 1846

This revival of Catarina was produced for a benefit performance in honour of the composer Cesare Pugni, who died in January that same year. All of the opening night's box office receipts were given to the composer's family.

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