Marfa Muravieva in the Saint-Léon/Minkus Fiametta, Paris, 1864

Fiametta or Fiammetta, (also known as The Flame of Love, The Salamander or Néméa) is a ballet in four acts and four scenes, choreographed by Arthur Saint-Léon to music by Ludwig Minkus, first presented by the Ballet of the Moscow Imperial Bolshoi Theatre on November 12–24, 1863 (Julian/Gregorian calendar dates) at the Moscow Imperial Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia, with Anna Sobeshchanskaya as Fiametta.


Lithograph of rehearsals at the Paris Opera of the Saint-Léon/Minkus Fiametta, Paris, 1864


  1. An andante for solo cello (the Adagio from the Grand pas d'action) from Minkus' score for this ballet was a staple of the soloist repertoire in Imperial Russia, and is still occasionally heard.
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