Carrie Barefoot Dickerson

Carrie Barefoot Dickerson (born May 24, 1917, Okmulgee, Oklahoma; died November 17, 2006, Claremore, Oklahoma) was an American activist who led citizen efforts to stop construction of the proposed Black Fox Nuclear Power Plant in Oklahoma.

Dickerson, a self-employed eldercare administrator, nutritionist and community activist retired from schoolteaching,[1] first learned of the proposal in a news article in May 1973, and formed the group Citizens' Action for Safe Energy (CASE). Local citizens feared waste from the nuclear plant would lead to birth defects and other health problems for those who lived nearby. Following years of legal action and protests, it was announced in February 1982 that the plant would not be built.[2][3]

Carrie Barefoot Dickerson is featured in the book Women of Spirit: Stories of Courage from the Women Who Lived Them by Katherine Martin.[4] The Carrie Dickerson Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by the Oklahoma Sustainability Network, is named after her.[5] Dickerson died in 2006.[6]

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