Blood product

A blood product is any component of the blood which is collected from a donor for use in a blood transfusion. Whole blood is uncommonly used in transfusion medicine at present; most blood products consist of specific processed components such as red blood cells, blood plasma, or platelets.

Relation to other substances

Blood products may also be called blood-based products to differ from blood substitutes, which generally refer to artificially produced products. Whole blood may be classified as a blood product or as a separate entity. Also, although many blood products have the effect of volume expansion, the group is usually distinguished from volume expanders, which generally refer to artificially produced substances and are thereby within the scope of blood substitutes.

Different Blood Products {Cooper and Gunn`s Tutorial Pharmacy Ed. S.J.Carter} 1)whole Human Blood 2)Concentrated Human Red Blood Corpuscles 3)Dried Human Plasma 4)Dried Human Serum 5)Human Fibrinogen 6)Human Thrombin 7)Human Normal Immunoglobulin injection 8)Human Fibrin Foam

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