Between Angels and Insects

"Between Angels and Insects"
Single by Papa Roach
from the album Infest
Released May 22, 2001
Format CD
Recorded 1999
Genre Nu metal, rap metal
Length 3:54
Label DreamWorks
Writer(s) Jacoby Shaddix, Tobin Esperance
Producer(s) Jay Baumgardner
Papa Roach singles chronology
"Broken Home"
"Between Angels and Insects"
"Dead Cell"
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"Between Angels and Insects", also known by its working title of "Obsession", is the third single from Californian rock band Papa Roach's second album, Infest, and third released single in total. It is also one of the band's most well known songs.

The song was used by the WWF as the main theme for their InVasion PPV in 2001.

Music video

The video was directed by Joseph Kahn and features the band playing in a concrete basement/garage. The camera does several special effects like morph from angle to angle rapidly, show the band moshing in super slow motion and even passing through the band's body, revealing their insides, effects that are reminiscent of the film version of Fight Club. Cockroaches appear on several occasions, even coming out of Jacoby Shaddix's mouth when he screams.

Track listing

CD Maxi
No. Title Length
1. "Between Angels and Insects" (Album Version) 3:56
2. "Blood Brothers" (Live - Universal Buzz Radio Version) 3:32
3. "Binge" (Live - Universal Buzz Radio Version) 3:56
4. "Between Angels and Insects" (Video)  
European CD Single
No. Title Length
1. "Between Angels and Insects" (Radio Edit) 3:58
2. "Last Resort" (Live) 3:33
3. "Binge" (Live) 3:50
4. "Between Angels and Insects" (Enhanced Video)  
Australian CD Single
No. Title Length
1. "Between Angels and Insects"    
2. "Last Resort"    
3. "Dead Cell" (Live)  
4. "Legacy" (Non-Album Track)  
5. "Broken Home" (Enhanced Video)  
6. "Last Resort" (Enhanced Video)  
Limited Edition CD Single
No. Title Length
1. "Between Angels and Insects" (Album Version) 3:57
2. "Tightrope" (Live at the Astoria, London in January 2001) 5:14
3. "Barbed Wire" (Live at the Astoria, London in January 2001) 3:46


The song's lyrics feature numerous references to the novel Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. A couple of lines in the song, "...working jobs that you hate for that shit you don't need...", "...the things you own, own you now...", are taken directly from a speech by Tyler Durden in the film adaptation of the book. It also seems critical of consumerism, as the chorus lyrics include, "Take my money, take my possessions, take my obsession, I don't need that shit...".

Chart performance

Chart (2001) Peak
UK Singles chart[1]17
U.S. Mainstream Rock Tracks[2]27
U.S. Modern Rock Tracks[2]16
Media Control Charts (Germany)94


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