Caca Bonita

Caca Bonita
EP by Papa Roach
Released 1995
Recorded 1995
Genre Nu metal, rap metal
Length 6:16
Label Independent
Producer Papa Roach
Papa Roach chronology
Potatoes for Christmas
Caca Bonita
Old Friends from Young Years

Caca Bonita is the second EP by Californian rock band Papa Roach. It was released in 1995, recorded on a blue cassette tape. It consists of two demo tracks that would later be revamped for their 1997 album Old Friends from Young Years. The demo features the nu metal sound that the band would use in their next release, the 1997 album Old Friends from Young Years


As a demo tape it had a very limited release and as a result has become possibly the most sought after and valuable of all of Papa Roach's older releases. According to one fan after meeting Jacoby Shaddix after a show, he was told that not even the band themselves own a copy.


On Fuse TV's Daily Download, Dave Buckner explained the reason for the name Caca Bonita. The title for the EP means Pretty Poo in Spanish. It came when future bass guitarist Tobin Esperance was in his high school Spanish class, and the teacher went up to him and asked him a question, and all that Tobin could say was Caca Bonita.

Track listing

All tracks written by Papa Roach. 

No. Title Length
1. "GERBER"   3:58
2. "DIRTYcutFREAK"   2:18



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