Batman-Spawn: War Devil

Batman-Spawn: War Devil
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics/Image Comics
Format One-shot
Publication date 1994
Number of issues 1
Main character(s) Batman
Creative team
Writer(s) Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant
Artist(s) Klaus Janson

Batman-Spawn: War Devil is an Elseworlds graphic novel published by DC Comics written by Doug Moench and Chuck Dixon.[1] A third meeting between the two characters was planned but was never made.[2]


The saga of Virginia Dare and Roanoke is retold. "Matches Malone" is looking for clues on a missing man named Virgil Dare. Batman follows Dare to Gotham Tower, a building project led by Simon Vesper, a man murdered by Spawn. Batman finds Dare and learns that he is working to fulfill Vesper's plans. Vesper reappears the day before opening ceremonies. Vesper attacks and kills Dare making a pentagram with his blood and spelling at Croatoan above it. Batman and Spawn briefly fight with Batman coming out on top. Batman and Spawn begin working together to solve the mystery. Gotham Tower lights up brightly and a pentagram of burning buildings starts while the rest of Gotham goes dark. Gotham's dead rise. Batman confronts Vesper at his building's opening ceremonies. Vesper is actually "the demon Croatoan", working for Satan to collect souls for the devil's army. Spawn battles Croatoan but is overpowered. Batman helps Spawn just in time and Spawn defeats Croatoan. The dead return to their graves and the doorway to Hell is closed.


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