Batman: Year 100

Batman: Year 100

Cover to trade paperback. Art by Paul Pope
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Limited series
Publication date February - May 2006
Number of issues 4
Main character(s) Batman
Creative team
Writer(s) Paul Pope
Artist(s) Paul Pope
Colorist(s) José Villarrubia
Collected editions
Batman: Year One Hundred ISBN 1-4012-1192-5

Batman: Year 100 is a four-issue American comic book mini-series starring Batman, published in 2006 by DC Comics. It was written and illustrated by Paul Pope and colored by José Villarrubia.


The four issue series ran from February to May, 2006.


In the year 2039, Gotham City is very nearly a police state, its citizens subject to unwarranted search and seizure. The Gotham Police clash almost daily with Federal agents, who are pursuing the legendary "Batman." Captain Gordon, the grandson of the original Commissioner Gordon, is also trying to find Batman, and find out what he knows about the murder of a Federal agent.

It is unknown if the "Batman" of this series is intended to be Bruce Wayne or another man having taken Batman's mantle as the protector of Gotham City. His partner and protégé is a dark-skinned teenager named Robin, who was apparently adopted by Batman in his youth, and also serves as the mechanic for the "Batmobile", a high-tech motorcycle rather than a car. He also acts as a decoy for Batman by dressing as the Dark Knight himself when necessary, and refers to Batman as "boss". Unlike other incarnations of Robin in the comics, this version of the character bears the name as his real name instead of as an alias.

Collected editions

In 2007, the four issues were collected and published as a trade paperback edition (ISBN 1401211925). The trade paperback also includes Pope's "The Berlin Batman", which was originally published in The Batman Chronicles #11. The story features a version of Batman that lived in the German Weimar Republic on the eve of World War II. Editor Lynda Barry wished to include an excerpt from Batman: Year 100 in The Best American Comics 2008 but was denied permission by DC Comics for unstated reasons.[1]


In 2007, the series won two Eisner Awards for "Best Limited Series" and "Best Writer/Artist."

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