Bacillus fusiformis

Bacillus fusiformis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Division: Firmicutes
Class: Bacilli
Order: Bacillales
Family: Bacillaceae
Genus: Bacillus
Species: fusiformis
Binomial name
Bacillus fusiformis

Bacillus fusiformis is a gram-positive bacterium of the genus Bacillus.

Further reading

Chen, Lin; Li, Gan; Zuliang, Chen; Mallavarapu, Megharaj (15 September 2014). "Biodegradation of naphthalene using a functional biomaterial based on immobilized Bacillus fusiformis (BFN)". Biochemical Engineering Journal. 90: 1-7. doi:10.1016/j.bej.2014.05.003. 

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