Autumn in New England

Autumn of 2009 in Massachusetts

The autumn in New England marks the transition from summer to winter in New England, United States. The autumn in New England has become very famous[1] and attracts a lot of tourists every year.[2] Hiking has become popular among the tourists.[3]

Many people mean that the natural landscape combined with surrounding human-built buildings (like barns, church buildings, farmhouses and villages) makes the season in the region special.[4]

Nature change

Many September and October days are sunny and warm (for being autumn), combined with chilly nights. These temperature drops cause the leaf colours to change, and one cold night can change much within some hours.[4]

While the changes begin in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, in mid-September, they then spread to New England.[4]

Peak determinations are not considered possible.[4] Leaf peeping has become popular.[4]

Popular culture

It has also become a popular theme in US popular culture, with many fictional stories being set in autumntime New England.[5]


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