Anterior compartment of the forearm

Anterior compartment of the forearm

Cross-section through the middle of the forearm. (Anterior compartment is at top; posterior compartment is at bottom.)
Artery ulnar artery
Nerve median nerve (anterior interosseous nerve), ulnar nerve (muscular branches of ulnar nerve)
Latin compartimentum antebrachii anterius
TA A04.6.01.004
FMA 12255

Anatomical terminology

The anterior compartment of the forearm (or flexor compartment)[1] contains the following muscles:[2]

Level Muscle Extrinsic/Intrinsic Nerve
superficial flexor carpi radialis extrinsic median
superficial palmaris longus extrinsic median
superficial flexor carpi ulnaris extrinsic ulnar
superficial pronator teres intrinsic median
superficial (or intermediate) flexor digitorum superficialis extrinsic median
deep flexor digitorum profundus extrinsic ulnar + median (as anterior interosseous nerve)
deep flexor pollicis longus extrinsic median (as anterior interosseous nerve)
deep pronator quadratus intrinsic median (as anterior interosseous nerve)

The muscles are largely involved with flexion and pronation.[2] The superficial muscles have their origin on the common flexor tendon.[2] The ulnar nerve and artery are also contained within this compartment.[2] The flexor digitorum superficialis lies in between the other four muscles of the superficial group and the three muscles of the deep group. This is why it is also classified as the intermediate group.[2]

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