Coordinates: 33°32′46″N 36°20′16″E / 33.54611°N 36.33778°E / 33.54611; 36.33778Coordinates: 33°32′46″N 36°20′16″E / 33.54611°N 36.33778°E / 33.54611; 36.33778
Country Syria
City Damascus
Population (2004)
  Total 89,974

Al-Qabun (Arabic: القابون, sometimes spelled Al-Kaboun or Qaboun) is a municipality and neighbourhood in Damascus, Syria, located 6 kilometers (3.7 mi) north-east of the city center, to the north of Jobar district.[1] In the 2004 census, it had a population of 89,974.[2] Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, it has been primarily controlled by the rebels, but has been under truce with the government since 2014.[3] The situation has been described as a "siege".[4] On 17 April 2015, the rebels (Jaish al-Islam and the Free Syrian Army's First Brigade) launched a military campaign to expel the Islamic State from the Barzeh, Qaboun, and Tishrin neighborhoods,[5][6] which ended in success 3 days later.[7]



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