1981 Azbakiyah bombing

1981 Azbakiyah bombing
تفجير الأزبكية
Part of Islamist uprising in Syria
Bombing location
Location  Syria Damascus, Syria
Date 29 November 1981
Target Intelligence agencies complex in al-Azbakiyah neighborhood
Attack type
Car bomb
Deaths 200+ Syrian civilians and military men
Perpetrators Syrian Muslim Brotherhood

The 1981 Azbakiyah bombing (Arabic: تفجير الأزبكية) was a terrorist car bomb attack that rocked the densely populated al-Azbakiyah neighborhood of central Damascus in Syria on 29 November 1981. The explosion, which took place in front of a school in Baghdad Street, close to a complex of intelligence agencies,[1] destroyed three five-story apartment buildings, and killed more than 200 civilians and military men.[2] The attack was blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood which was waging an insurrection against the government of Hafez al-Assad at the time.[3]


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