Akbeh, Aqbe, Akbe, Aqbeh, Aaqabet, el-Aaqbe, Akraba, Aaqabet Rashaya, Akabe
Country  Lebanon
Governorate Beqaa Governorate
District Rashaya District
Shown within Lebanon
Alternate name Akbeh, Aqbe, Akbe, Aqbeh
Location 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) west of Rashaya
Region Rashaya
Coordinates 33°30′18″N 35°49′16″E / 33.5051°N 35.8211°E / 33.5051; 35.8211
Cultures Roman
Site notes
Condition Ruins
Public access Yes

Aaqbe, Akbeh, Aqbe, Akbe, Aaqabet, el-Aaqbe, Akraba, Aaqabet Rashaya or Akabe (العقبه) is a village and municipality situated 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) west of Rashaya in the Rashaya District of the Beqaa Governorate in Lebanon.[1][2][3]

Roman temple

There are the ruins of a Roman temple in the village that are included in a group of Temples of Mount Hermon. The temple is situated on a hill with a commanding view of Mount Hermon. George F. Taylor classified it as an Antae temple of a rugged design that lacked decoration. He noted that the doorway of the temple does not face the summit, but instead aligns to a northerly area of the mountain that is covered by a ridge. A cult statue was suggested to have featured in the temple, of which only the framing columns have survived. Three sections of the east antae pillar were also still in place.[1]


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