A15 motorway (Netherlands)

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A15 motorway
Rijksweg 15

Location of the A15 and A18 motorways
Provinces: South Holland, Gelderland
Highway system

The Dutch A15 motorway (Rijksweg 15) is a set of two motorways in the Netherlands, the A15 and the A18.

Connection between A15 and A18

In governmental plans, the A15 and A18 together were meant to be one long motorway from the Europoort harbor near Rotterdam towards the town of Varsseveld in the east of the country. However, the section of this road between the interchange Ressen and Arnhem has never been constructed. To avoid confusion for drivers, the eastern part of the road has been given a different number: 18.

Section A15 (and N15)

The westernmost part of the road, between the Maasvlakte and exit 8 is officially not an Autosnelweg (motorway), and is therefore called N15. However, it has most characteristics of a motorway, such as a central barrier and a hard shoulder until it crosses the Coloradoweg on the Maasvlakte. As of exit 8, the road becomes an official motorway, called A15. Together with the Betuweroute, which runs parallel on several stretches, the A15 is a main transport corridor from the Port of Rotterdam to the east.

Reconstruction works

In 2010, the A15 motorway near Rotterdam has been widened between the exit Brielle and the interchange Vaanplein. To the western part, between Brielle and Spijkenisse, one lane in each direction will be added, making it a 2x3 road. As for the eastern part of the section, between Spijkenisse and the Vaanplein, the current 2x3 road has been upgraded to a 2x5 road. The complex project in this highly industrialized part of Rotterdam caused an extensive loss of € 103,0 million to one of the main contractors of the project, Ballast Nedam, over the year 2014.[1]

Section A18 (and N18)

The A18 motorway is a short motorway, with only 5 exits and 20 kilometers. The western terminus, interchange Oud-Dijk, can only be used by traffic to and from the western part of the A12. Traffic to/from the A12 east of this interchange (most likely from the German BAB 3 road) will have to use local roads to get from the A18 to the A12 or vice versa.

After its eastern terminus near Varsseveld, road number 18 continues as a regional non-motorway road, therefore being called N18. This road passes the towns Harreveld, Lichtenvoorde, Groenlo, and Eibergen on its way to the city Enschede.

Exit list

South HollandRotterdamN15 crosses multiple intersections as local road from Maasvlakte
Westvoorne26168Oostvoorne N218 southEast end of N15 designation
Rotterdam27179Havens 6200-7000D'arcyweg / Markweg
301910EngelandRijnweg / Elbeweg
332111Havens 5500-5700Merwedeweg / Europaweg
Brielle362212Brielle N57 southwest / Saarweg
Rotterdam372313RozenburgDroespolderweg / Merseyweg
432715Havens 4100-5200Welplaatweg / Clydeweg
Spijkenisse452816Spijkenisse N218 south / Botlekweg / Oude Maasweg
Rotterdam493017HoogvlietGaderingviaduct / Hoefsmidstraat / Vondelingenweg / Aveling
5031Interchange Benelux A4
533318Pernis / Heijplaat S101
543419Charlois N492 southwest / S102
603719aInterchange Vaanplein A29 south / S103 northwest
623920IJsselmonde S104 northwest
Ridderkerk6339Interchange Ridderkerk-Noord E 19 / A16 / A38West end of E 19 and A16 overlap
6943Interchange Ridderkerk-Zuid E 19 / E 31 / A16East end of E 19 and A16 overlap; west end of E 31 overlap
Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht724521Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht N915 east
Alblasserdam764722Alblasserdam N915 west / Edisonweg
Papendrecht784823Papendrecht N3 south / N214 northeast
Sliedrecht815024Sliedrecht-WestParallelweg / Ouverture
865325Sliedrecht-OostSportlaan / Peulenlaan / Buitendams
Gorinchem955927Gorinchem N216 southwest / Banneweg
9660Interchange Gorinchem A27
Leerdam1066629Leerdam N848
GelderlandGeldermalsen11571Interchange Deil E 25 / A2
1187330aMeteren N830 southwest / RijksstraatwegEastbound exit and entrance only
1217530Geldermalsen N327 north / Blankertsestraat
1277932Tiel-West N834
1318133Tiel N835 north / Westroijensestraat
Neder-Betuwe1358434Echteld N323 south
1418835Ochten N233 north / Cuneraweg
Overbetuwe1519437Zetten N836 / Wanraaij
15496Interchange Valburg E 31 / A50East end of E 31 overlap
1609938ElstRijksweg Zuid / Griftdijk
Lingewaard162101Interchange Ressen A325 / N325
Gap in route
Montferland189117Interchange Oud-Dijk E 35 / A12West end of A18 designation; only accessible from A12 from the west
1911191Didam N335 southeast / Bievankweg
Doetinchem1961222Wehl N815
2001203Doetinchem N316 / N317 northWest end of N317 overlap
2021264Doetinchem-Oost N317 south / TerborgsewegEast end of N317 overlap
Oude IJsselstreek2111315Varsseveld N18 east / Twente-RouteEast end of A18 designation
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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