Çankaya University

Çankaya University
Çankaya Üniversitesi
Type Foundation university
Established July 9, 1997[1]

Prof. Dr. Hamdi Mollamahmutoğlu

Vice- rector = Prof.Dr. Kenan Taş
Academic staff
Students 7,786 [2]
Location Ankara, Turkey
39°49′7.93″N 32°33′46.2″E / 39.8188694°N 32.562833°E / 39.8188694; 32.562833Coordinates: 39°49′7.93″N 32°33′46.2″E / 39.8188694°N 32.562833°E / 39.8188694; 32.562833
Colors Black and yellow         
Website Official website
A view of the Turkuaz campus
A view of the Turkuaz Valley (Turkish: Turkuaz Vadisi) from Çankaya University Turkuaz Campus

Çankaya University (Turkish: Çankaya Üniversitesi) was established on July 9, 1997, by the Sıtkı Alp Education Foundation in Ankara, Turkey.[1] The university began its teaching in the Fall 1997 semester. Sıtkı Alp is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Academic Programs

Çankaya University possesses 5 faculties with 21 departments; two institutes with 17 postgraduate master programs and 6 Ph.D programs; 2 vocational schools with 3 programs; and one English preparatory school to support English language education.

Academic Year

One academic year consists of two semesters each of which includes at least 14 weeks. Lessons are designed for one semester.


Çankaya University is a university owned by a private foundation in Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey. The university was established by Sıtkı Alp, as a transition of his secondary education level school, the Arı Koleji, into a higher education institute, and opened by the former president of Turkey, Süleyman Demirel, in 1997.

In 2011, Turkuaz campus that is also known as New Campus opened. Many departments and faculties moved there. Area of Turkuaz campus is approximately 440.000 square meters. In addition, the new campus was awarded by the Arkitera Architecture Center.[3][4]

Faculties and departments

Faculty of Architecture

Dean:[Prof.Dr.Harun Batırbaygil]

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Acting Dean: Prof. Dr. Ali Dönmez"

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Dean: Prof. Dr. M. Mete Doğanay"

Faculty of Engineering

Dean: Prof. Dr. "Nevzat Onur"

Faculty of Law

Dean: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Turhan

Vocational High School of Justice

Assistant Prof. Elvan Keçelioğlu

Çankaya Vocational Training School

Principal: Ass.Prof. Dr. Bülent Özsaçmacı

Preparatory School of English

Principal: Bülent İnal


Institute of Natural Sciences

See also: Institute of Natural Sciences of Çankaya University

Institute of Social Sciences

See also: Institute of Natural Sciences of Çankaya University

Research centers

Sport club

Çankaya University Sports Club was established in 1986 as Arı Spor. Later, its name was changed as Çankaya University Sports Club. Currently, the sports club continues its activities at Çankaya University's Balgat Campus.


The university is a member of the Caucasus University Association.[5]


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