Wolfpack Lohs

Lohs was a "wolfpack" of German U-boats that operated from August 1 to September 22, 1942 in World War II. This pack patrolled both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, preying on merchant vessels coming to Europe from the Americas.[1]

U-boats involved

The U-boats that made up Wolfpack Lohs included:

Raiding career

Lohs was responsible for the sinking of eight ships in the Atlantic Ocean.

Date U-boat Ship Nationality Tonnage Fate
15 August 1942 U-705 Balladier  United States 3,279 Sunk
16 August 1942 U-596 Suecia  Sweden 4,966 Sunk
25 August 1942 U-176 Empire Breeze  United Kingdom 7,457 Sunk
25 August 1942 U-605 Katvaldis  United Kingdom 3,163 Sunk
25 August 1942 U-605 Sheaf Mount  United Kingdom 5,017 Sunk
25 August 1942 U-438 Trolla  Norway 1,598 Sunk
9 September 1942 U-755 USS Muskeget  United States Coast Guard 1,827 Sunk
20 September 1942 U-596 Empire Hartebeeste  United Kingdom 5,676 Sunk


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