Washington ballot measures, 2004

Initiative 872

Initiative Measure No. 872 concerns elections for partisan offices. This measure would allow voters to select among all candidates in a primary. Ballots would indicate candidates’ party preference. The two candidates receiving most votes advance to the general election, regardless of party.

Initiative 884

Initiative Measure No. 884 concerns dedicating funds designated for educational purposes. This measure would create an education trust fund for smaller classes, extended learning programs, certain salary increases, preschool access, and expanded college enrollments and scholarships, funded by increasing retail sales tax by 1%.

Initiative 892

Initiative Measure No. 892 concerns authorizing additional “electronic scratch ticket machines” to reduce property taxes. This measure would authorize licensed non-tribal gambling establishments to operate the same type and number of machines as tribal governments, with a portion of tax revenue generated used to reduce state property taxes.

Initiative 297

Initiative Measure No. 297 concerns “mixed” radioactive and nonradioactive hazardous waste. This measure would add new provisions concerning “mixed” radioactive and nonradioactive hazardous waste, requiring cleanup of contamination before additional waste is added, prioritizing cleanup, providing for public participation and enforcement through citizen lawsuits.

Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 2295

This bill would have authorized charter public schools and would have set conditions on operations. These charter schools would be operated by qualified nonprofit corporations, under contracts with local education boards, and allocated certain public funds.

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