Vietnamese animation

The Vietnamese animation (Vietnamese: Hoạt hình Việt Nam) began in 1959 when the Vietnam Animation Studio was formed by a group of young animators (Ngô Mạnh Lân, Lê Minh Hiền, Hồ Quảng, Trương Qua...) who educated in USSR.


For more information, see List of Vietnamese animated films.

2011 - present

Vietnamese Animation Studio continues producing 8-10 cartoons a year, most of them are traditionally drawn or by computer.

and a lot of animations by students groups and small studios.

With the rising Vietnamese comics industry in 2010s, Vietnamese animation is hoped to rise soon and catch up Thailand.



  • Thunder Cloud Studio
  • CG Vietnam
  • Studio Biho
  • Vietnam Animation Studio
  • Hochiminh City Animation Studio
  • Liberation Film Studio
  • AREKA Studio
  • Hongbang University International
  • Hanoi Film Productions
  • Evertoon Animation Studio

  • Animost Animation Studio
  • Armada TMT Vietnam
  • Biqit Studio
  • KimyMedia
  • Bamboo Animation
  • Colory Animation Studio
  • Phamthuynhan Productions
  • S18.Animation
  • Truong CG Artist


  • Phùng Đình Dũng
  • Ngô Mạnh Lân
  • Lê Minh Hiền
  • Hồ Quảng
  • Trương Qua
  • Cao Thụy
  • Mai Long
  • Tô Hoài
  • Nguyễn Hà Bắc
  • Vũ Kim Dũng

  • Lê Bình
  • Đặng Vũ Thảo
  • Phạm Minh Trí
  • Nguyễn Thị Phương Hoa
  • Phạm Sông Đông
  • Nguyễn Thái Hùng
  • Trần Thanh Việt
  • Phùng Văn Hà
  • Huỳnh Vĩnh Sơn

  • Nguyễn Cao Hoàng
  • Mike Nguyễn
  • Bùi Quốc Thắng
  • Trần Khánh Duyên
  • Doãn Thành
  • Đoàn Trần Anh Tuấn
  • Châu Võ Bá Trường

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