University of Molise

University of Molise
Università degli Studi del Molise
Latin: Universitas Studiorum Molisii
Motto Scientific progress for the public utility
Type Public
Established 1982
Rector Prof. Giovanni Cannata
Students 8,095[1]
Location Campobasso, Italy
Campus Urban
Sports teams CUS Molise[2]
Affiliations Cineca

The University of Molise (Italian: Università degli Studi del Molise), also known as UNIMOL, is an Italian public university located in Campobasso, Italy. It was founded in 1982 by the Law n.590 according to the plan for development and institution of new universities; the campuses of this university are all set in the region of Molise and they are: in Campobasso (Headquarters), Isernia, Pesche and Termoli.


In the years 1982-1983 was opened the University with the only faculty of Agricultural Science, then with the borning of the faculties of Economics and especially of Law, the number of students grew. In 1993 new structures were opened in Isernia, where was also set the faculty of Natural Sciences. Later on in Campobasso was opened the Colozza Center, which has improved the quality and organization of the courses becoming nowadays a school for master's degrees in Secondary Education. Since 2000 the University increased the number of students and of courses, establishing in 2006 the faculty of Medicine and Surgery, the youngest faculty of UNIMOL. Moreover, after a notice of competition issued by the University, was created the Scientific and Technological campus, which represents a link between the research and the world of business. Today the University counts about 10000 students.


These are the Schools of the University of Molise:

Unimol Management Centre

"Unimol Management" provides for high specialising courses in the field of Public and Private Management. Its aims are the promotion and spreading of managerial and entrepreneurial culture in public and private sectors through the development, the organisation and the management of high quality courses.

Colozza Centre

The aim of the specialisation Centre “Colozza” is a specific professional training for prospective High School teachers. The didactical activities include not only mere teachings, but also laboratory activities and traineeships aiming at the integration between theoretic knowledge and practical abilities. The Centre offers the following diplomas:

Structure and organization

The educational offer, which abides to the principles set out in the Bologna declaration, counts 25 first level degree courses, 11 specialist degrees and 4 master courses, distributed over the main seat, Campobasso, and the other three sites of Termoli (course of Tourism, faculty of Engineering), Isernia (Course of Political Science, Courses of Literature and Heritage), and Pesche (Faculty of Natural Sciences).


University Centres

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