U.S. Route 501 in North Carolina

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U.S. Route 501 marker

U.S. Route 501

Route of US 501 in North Carolina highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by NCDOT
Length: 170 mi[1] (274 km)
Existed: 1927 – present
Major junctions
South end: US 301 / US 501 at the South Carolina line near Dillon, SC
  I74 / US 74 in Laurinburg
US 421 in Sanford
I40 in Durham
NC 147 in Durham
I85 / US 70 in Durham
North end: US 501 at the Virginia line near South Boston, VA
Counties: Robeson, Scotland, Hoke, Moore, Lee, Chatham, Orange, Durham, Person
Highway system
I495US 521

U.S. Route 501 (US 501) is a north–south United States highway that traverses the majority of North Carolina in concurrency with US 15, known as "15-501" ("Fifteen Five-o-one").

Route description

US 15-501 turns left in Durham

US 501 enters North Carolina at the South Carolina state line with an intersection of Interstate 95 (I-95) while overlapping US 301, nearby South of the Border. It goes northwest through Rowland where the overlap with US 301 terminates, and then travels through Raemon to Laurinburg. Once at Laurinburg, it overlaps briefly with I-74/US 74 before connecting with US 15. The majority of the route, to this point, is a two-lane rural road.[1]

Merging with US 15, it becomes what is known as "15-501" ("Fifteen Five-o-one"), a concurrency that extends for 106 miles (171 km) across central North Carolina. After Laurinburg it goes north to Aberdeen, linking briefly with US 1 before continuing to Pinehurst. In Pinehurst, 15-501 goes through a roundabout then continues north through Carthage, then back to US 1. After traveling through Sanford on another brief concurrency with US 1, it exits off the freeway and goes due north to Pittsboro. After Pittsboro, 15-501 becomes an expressway connecting the cities of Chapel Hill and Durham; this section of the route is famous because of the two universities it connects: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University. Though the road is a symbol of the separation of the Carolina–Duke rivalry, NCDOT has been trying to remedy that by making the route a superstreet for better traffic flow.[2] In Durham, 15-501 upgrades to an urban freeway, allowing for quick access from south Durham to north; the freeway ends merging into I-85. At exit 176B on I-85, US 501 splits off towards Roxboro, while US 15 continues with I-85 towards Oxford.[1]

After Durham, US 501 goes north to Roxboro, then onto South Boston, Virginia after crossing the state line, the majority of which is a four-lane expressway.[1]


When US 501 was established in 1927, it was aligned along North Carolina Highway 13 (NC 13) from Durham north through Roxboro to the Virginia state line.

In 1934, it was overlapped with US 15 from Durham south to Laurinburg. From there, it went southeast to Rowland and then to the South Carolina border. This extension south replaced NC 22, NC 71, and NC 241.

In 1953, US 501 was bypassed around Chapel Hill. In 1956 or 1957, US 501 was bypassed west of Sanford. Between 1960-1962, US 501 was bypassed around Laurinburg.[3]

North Carolina Highway 13 (1921-1930)

NC Highway 13
Location: DurhamVirginia State Line
Length: 43 mi[4] (69 km)
Existed: 1921–1930

North Carolina Highway 13 was an original state highway running from Durham, north through Rougemont and Roxboro ending at SR 18 at the Virginia State Line. The highway's routing appeared on the 1916 Highway Map by the North Carolina State Highway Commission for the five year federal aid program.[5] However NC 13 was not officially marked on any state highway maps until 1924; where it was routed from NC 10/NC 75 in Durham north through Rougemont and Timberlake to NC 57 east of Roxboro. NC 13 turned toward the west into Roxboro, before intersecting NC 144 and turning north.[6] The highway had its northern terminus at the Virginia State Line near South Boston. By 1926 the routing of NC 13 was shifted slightly to the west between Timberlake and Roxboro, providing a direct link between the cities.[7] The route was deleted in 1930, with US 501/NC 55 taking over the entirety of the routing.[4][8]

Junction list

Robeson0.00.0 US 301 south / US 501 south South of the Border
I95 Lumberton, Fayetteville, Florence
South Carolina state line
Rowland2.74.3 US 301 north / NC 130 east Lumberton, FairmontNorth end of US 301 and east end of NC 130 overlap
4.06.4 NC 710 west Pembroke
Raemon10.216.4 NC 130 west MaxtonWest end of NC 130 overlap
14.022.5 NC 83 Maxton, Clio
US 501 Bus. north (Johns Road)
21.734.9 I74 east / US 74 east Lumberton, WilmingtonEast end of I-74/US 74 overlap
US 501 overlaps with Interstate 74 (exits 185 to 183).
Laurinburg23.237.3 I74 west / US 15 south / US 74 west / US 401 south Hamlet, Rockingham, McCollSouth end of US 15/US 401 overlap
US 74 Bus. (Church Street) Hamlet
US 401 north / US 15 Bus. south / US 501 Bus. south Fayetteville
North end of US 401 overlap
29.347.2 NC 144 (Old Wire Road) Wagram
MooreAberdeen49.179.0 NC 211 east RaefordEast end of NC 211 overlap
49.579.7 US 1 south RockinghamSouth end of US 1 overlap
49.780.0 NC 5 Pinehurst
51.482.7 US 1 north Southern PinesNorth end of US 1 overlap
Pinehurst55.288.8 NC 2 / NC 211 west Southern Pines, West EndRoundabout, west end of NC 211 overlap
59.095.0 NC 73 west West End
Carthage62.5100.6 NC 22 south Southern PinesSouth end of NC 22 overlap
63.6102.4 NC 22 north (McNiell Street)North end of NC 22 overlap
65.7105.7 NC 24 east / NC 27 east (Monroe Street)East end of NC 24/NC 27 overlap
67.5108.6 NC 24 east / NC 27 east CameronWest end of NC 24/NC 27 overlap
Lee76.0122.3 US 1 south Cameron, Southern PinesSouth end of US 1 overlap
Tramway78.6126.5 NC 78 east (Tramway Road) Cameron
US 1 Bus. north / NC 42 Asheboro, Fuquay-Varina
82.3132.4Spring Lane
82.8133.369A US 421 / NC 87 south Dunn, GreensboroSouth end of NC 87 overlap
83.5134.469BBurns Drive
84.0135.270Oscar Keller Jr Highway – Fuquay-VarinaFuture US 421
US 1 north / US 1 Bus. south Apex, Raleigh
North end of US 1 overlap
ChathamPittsboro98.2158.0 NC 87 north Graham, BurlingtonNorth end of NC 87 overlap
US 64 Bus.
101.8163.8 US 64 Siler City, Apex
OrangeChapel Hill115.0185.1 NC 54 west GrahamSouth end of NC 54 overlap
117.2188.6 NC 54 east (Raleigh Road)North end of NC 54 overlap
119.2191.8Franklin Street
DurhamDurham121.0194.7 I40 Greensboro, Raleigh
US 15 Bus. north / US 501 Bus. north (Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard)
124.5200.4106Cornwallis Road
125.5202.0107 NC 751 (Cameron Boulevard)
US 70 Bus. (Hillsborough Road) / NC 147 (Durham Freeway)
Signed as exits 108A (NC 147 south), 108B (NC 147 north), 108C (Hillsbrough Road)
127.4205.0109 I85 south GreensboroSouth end of I-85 overlap; southbound exit and northbound entrance
US 501 overlaps with Interstate 85 (exits 174A to 176B).
130.0209.2 I85 north / US 15 north / US 70 east Henderson, PetersburgNorth end of I-85/US 15 and east end of US 70 overlap
US 501 Bus. (Roxboro Street)
Person146.0235.0 NC 57 south HillsboroughSouth end of NC 57 overlap
Roxboro156.5251.9 US 158 east OxfordEast end of US 158 overlap
157.0252.7 NC 157 south Durham
158.0254.3 US 158 west / NC 49 south / NC 57 north Yanceyville, Milton, Haw RiverWest end of US 158, south end of NC 49, and north end of NC 57 overlap
159.0255.9 NC 49 north (Virgilina Road) VirgilinaNorth end of NC 49 overlap
170.0273.6 US 501 northVirginia state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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