Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 2

Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 2
Country Tunisia
Confederation CAF
Founded 1956
Number of teams 20
Level on pyramid 2
Promotion to Ligue Professionnelle 1
Relegation to Ligue Professionnelle 3
Domestic cup(s) Tunisian Cup
Website http://www.ftf.org.tn
2016-17 Ligue 2

The Ligue Professionelle 2 is the second football level in Tunisia, under Ligue Professionelle 1 which is the top level of Tunisian football. Contested by 14 clubs, playing each other twice during the season, the top two teams are promoted at the end of the season, whilst the bottom two teams are relegated to the Ligue Professionnelle 3.

During the past few years the name of the competition has changed several times, with the league being known as Division d'honneur (Honor division). National B, Ligue 2 and Championnat de la Ligue Professionnelle 2

Organization and management

The organization and management of the Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 2 are assigned to the Professional Football League, which awards the title of Tunisia's Ligue 2 champion to the club whose team finishes at the top of the rankings at the end of the last day of the competition. It is the Organizing Committee for Competitions (which also organizes matches in Ligue 1), which ensures the organization and the approval of matches. The Ligue 2 clubs participate in the Tunisian Cup with Ligue 1 and Ligue 3 clubs.

2016–17 clubs

Promotion and relegation by season

Season Promoted to Ligue 1 Relegated to Ligue 3
2015–16 AS Gabès, Olympique Béja, US Tataouine US Sbeitla, EM Mahdia, Stir Sportive Zarzouna
2014–15 US Ben Guerdane, AS Kasserine, EO Sidi Bouzid Enfida Sports, LPS Tozeur, AS Oued Ellil
2013–14 AS Djerba, AS Gabès, ES Zarzis ES Beni-Khalled, CO Transports, CS Hilalien
2012–13 ES Métlaoui, Grombalia Sports, LPS Tozeur El Ahly Mateur, SC Moknine, Stade Africain Menzel Bourguiba
2011–12 Olympique du Kef, Stade Gabèsien Stade Nabeulien, Kalâa Sport
2010–11 US Monastir, ES Beni-Khalled no relegation
2009–10 AS Marsa, AS Gabès EM Mahdia, Stade Africain Menzel Bourguiba
2008–09 ES Zarzis, JS Kairouan AS Ariana, Stir Sportive Zarzouna
2007–08 ES Hammam-Sousse, AS Kasserine ES Jerba Midoun, EO Goulette et Kram
2006–07 Jendouba Sport, Stade Gabèsien Stir Sportive Zarzouna, CO Médenine

Previous winners

Year Winner Runner Up
1955-56 (Northern division) Jeunesse Sportive Métouienne ?
(Southern division) Stade Soussien ?
1956-57 (Northern division) Union Sportive Tunisienne Stade Populaire
(Southern division) Stade Soussien ?
1957-58 (Northern division) Olympique du Kef CA GAZ
(Southern division) Stade Gabèsien ?
1958-59 Conference A: Avenir Sportif de La Marsa ?
Conference B: U.S. Moly ?
Conference C: Jeunesse Sportive Kairouanaise ?
Conference D: E.S.M ?
1959-60 (Northern division) Al Mansourah CH ?
(Southern division) El Makarem de Mahdia ?
1960-61 (Northern division) AMC Hammam Lif Union Sportive Monastirienne
(Southern division) Stade Gabésien ?
1961-62 (Northern division) En'Nadi Ahly Mateur ?
(Southern division) E.S.M ?
1962-63 (Northern division) Club Athletique Bizertin ?
(Southern division) Sfax Railways Sports ?
1963-64 (Northern division) Club Sportif de Hammam-Lif ?
(Southern division) Stade Sportif Sfaxien ?
1964-65 (Northern division) Club Olympique des Transports ?
(Southern division) Union Sportive Monastirienne ?
1965-66 Club Sportif Cheminots Union Sportive Monastirienne
1966-67 Club Olympique des Transports Union Sportive Maghréhine
1967-68 Club Sportif Cheminots Stade Sportif Sfaxien
1968-69 Union Sportive Tunisienne Association Sportive de l'Ariana
1969-70 El Makarem de Mahdia Football Club Djerissa
1970-71 (Northern division) Union Sportive Maghrébine ?
(Southern division) Stade Sportif Sfaxien ?
1971-72 (Northern division) Club Sportif de Hammam-Lif ?
(Southern division) Jeunesse Sportive Kairouanaise ?
1972-73 (Northern division) Club Sportif Cheminots ?
(Southern division) Stade Sportif Sfaxien ?
1973-74 (Northern division) Stade Africain Menzel Bourguiba ?
(Southern division) Patriote de Sousse ?
1974-75 (Northern division) Olympique du Kef ?
(Southern division) Jeunesse Sportive Kairouanaise ?
1975-76 (Northern division) Association Mégrine Sportive Stade Africain Menzel Bourguiba
(Southern division) Union Sportive Monastirienne ?
1976-77 (Northern division) Stade Africain Menzel Bourguiba ?
(Southern division) Stade Sportif Sfaxien ?
1977-78 (Northern division) Olympique du Kef ?
(Southern division) Océano Club de Kerkennah ?
1978-79 (Northern division) Club Sportif Menzel Bouzelfa ?
(Southern division) Stade Gabésien ?
1979-80 (Northern division) Club Olympique des Transports ?
(Southern division) Union Sportive Monastirienne ?
1980-81 (Northern division) Association Mégrine Sportive ?
(Southern division) El Makarem de Mahdia ?
1981-82 (Northern division) Club Sportif de Korba ?
(Southern division) Stade Gabésien ?
1982-83 (Northern division) Club Olympique des Transports ?
(Central division) Stade Soussien ?
(Southern division) Stade Sportif Sfaxien ?
1983-84 (Northern division) Club Olympique des Transports ?
(Central division) Stade Nabeulien ?
(Southern division) Avenir Sporif de Gabès ?
1984-85 (Northern division) Olympique de Beja ?
(Central division) STIA Sousse ?
(Southern division) Océano Club de Kerkennah ?
1985-86 Club Olympique des Transports ?
1986-87 AS Kasserine Olympique du Kef & Grombalia Sport
1987-88 Avenir Sportif de La Marsa Océano Club de Kerkennah & Sfax Railways Sports
1988-89 Club Sportif Cheminots AS Oued Ellil & Club Sportif de Hammam-Lif
1989-90 Club Athletique Bizertin Jeunesse Sportive Kairouanaise
1990-91 Océano Club de Kerkennah Espérance Sportive de Zarzis
1991-92 AS Kasserine Sfax Railways Sports
1992-93 Olympique du Kef ES Beni-Khalled
1993-94 Sfax Railways Sports Espérance Sportive de Zarzis
1994-95 Club Olympique des Transports Avenir Sportif de Gabès
1995-96 (Northern division) Stade Soussien ?
(Southern division) Océano Club de Kerkennah ?
1996-97 Club Sportif de Hammam-Lif Club Olympique de Medenine
1997-98 Union Sportive Monastirienne ES Beni-Khalled
1998-99 No promoted teams, with the reduction of the number of teams in National Division from 16 to 12.
1999-00 AS Djerba Club Sportif de Hammam-Lif
2000-01 Club Olympique de Medenine Club Olympique des Transports
2001-02 AS Djerba Avenir Sportif de La Marsa
2002-03 ES Beni-Khalled Club Olympique des Transports
2003-04 EO Goulette Kram El-Gawafel Sportives de Gafsa & Espérance Sportive de Zarzis
2004-05 Jendouba Sport Jeunesse Sportive Kairouanaise
2005-06 Olympique de Béjà ES Hammam-Sousse
2006-07 Stade Gabésien Jendouba Sport
2007-08 ES Hammam-Sousse AS Kasserine
2008-09 ES Zarzis JS Kairouanaise
2009-10 AS Marsa AS Gabès
"Ligue II" with 2 divisions
"Ligue II" with 3 divisions
"Ligue II" with 4 divisions
"Honors League" with 2 divisions
Promoted to the CLP-1
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