Teresa Sánchez López

Maria Teresa Sánchez López
Beauty pageant titleholder
Born Maria Teresa Sánchez López
(1964-07-01)July 1, 1964[1]
Seville, Spain[1]
Height 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)[2]
Measurements 90-65-90 (35.4-25.6-35.4)[2]
Eye color brown[2]
Title(s) Miss Seville
Miss Western Andalusia
Miss National (Spain) 1984
First Lady in Miss Universe 1985
Miss Spain 1984
(1st Runner-Up/Miss National)
Miss Universe 1985
(1st Runner-Up)

Teresa Sánchez (Seville, Spain, 1964) is a Spanish model, who won the title of Miss National in the Miss Spain contest at 1984 and, representing Spain, the title of First Lady of Honour in the Miss Universe pageant of 1985.


She prepared in the Model School belonging at Rocío Martín (Escuela de Modelos y Promoción de la Moda), in Seville. [3] [4]

She was elected, one after another, Miss Seville and Miss Western Andalucia in 1984.[1] She participated in the Miss Spain contest, that same year, being elected Miss National,[3][5][6][7] and where she was noted, according to the media, for its expressive power.[8]

In 1985, representing Spain, Teresa Sánchez competed in the Miss Universe beauty pageant, which was on the verge of winning, achieving the title of First Lady of Honour[4][7] [9][10][11] [12][13] [14] [15] ,[16] which was the second best result in a Spanish representative in this contest.[17] The most of the people and the media present on the event thought that she was the maximum favorite to get the title of Miss Universe[7][11][12][18] [19] and in some forums is considered, today, she is one of the more beautiful women that have participated in the history of this contest,[20] especially considering that in those years the contest not admitted the cosmetic surgery.[21]


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