Tambaguchi Station

Tambaguchi Station

Station facilities under tracks, January 2008
Location 1-5, Chūdōji-minamimachi, Shimogyō, Kyoto, Kyoto
Coordinates 34°59′43.51″N 135°44′32.73″E / 34.9954194°N 135.7424250°E / 34.9954194; 135.7424250Coordinates: 34°59′43.51″N 135°44′32.73″E / 34.9954194°N 135.7424250°E / 34.9954194; 135.7424250
Operated by West Japan Railway Company
Line(s) Sagano Line
Opened 1897

Tambaguchi Station (丹波口駅 Tambaguchi-eki) is a railway station in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan.



Elevated platform, March 2006

The elevated station has an island platform with two tracks. Track No. 1 is for trains bound for Kyoto and Track No. 2 is for trains bound for Kameoka and Sonobe.[1]


Tambaguchi Station opened on April 27, 1897, when the Kyoto Railway extended from Nijō to Ōmiya (temporary terminal in Kyoto). On March 16, 1976, the station was moved 0.5 kilometers northward and elevated. At this time, the freight facilities of the station, which had served Kyoto Central Wholesale Market, were not elevated and became independent Kyōto-shijō Freight Terminal (京都市場駅 Kyōto-shijō-eki). The freight terminal closed on February 1, 1984.[2]

Adjacent stations

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Sagano Line
Kyoto   Local   Nijo
Rapid: Does not stop at this station


The station directly abuts the Kyoto Central Wholesale Market, and nearby is the defunct courtesan's district of Shimabara.


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