Suffa RT-70 radio telescope

Suffa RT-70 radio telescope
Coordinates 39°37′N 68°27′E / 39.62°N 68.45°E / 39.62; 68.45Coordinates: 39°37′N 68°27′E / 39.62°N 68.45°E / 39.62; 68.45
Telescope style radio telescope, RT-70, observatory
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The Suffa RT-70 radio telescope is an RT-70 radio telescope under construction at the Suffa Radio Observatory on the Suffa plateau, Uzbekistan. Construction began in the late 80's, but was put on hold when the USSR fell. As of 2008, construction had resumed,[1] with an updated emphasis on millimeter-wave band observations at 100–300 GHz. Construction was scheduled to be completed in 2012, but information on the current status of the observatory is spotty as of 2013.

With its 70m antenna diameter, this third unit of the RT-70 telescope design will be among the largest single dish radio telescopes in the world.

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