Galenki RT-70 radio telescope

Galenki RT-70 radio telescope
Coordinates 44°00′58″N 131°45′25″E / 44.0161°N 131.757°E / 44.0161; 131.757Coordinates: 44°00′58″N 131°45′25″E / 44.0161°N 131.757°E / 44.0161; 131.757
Telescope style RT-70, radio telescope

The Galenki RT-70 radio telescope is an RT-70 telescope at the East Center for Deep Space Communications, Galenki (Ussuriysk), Russia.

With its 70m antenna diameter, it is among the largest single dish radio telescopes in the world. It forms part of the Soviet Deep Space Network.

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Coordinates: 44°00′57.96″N 131°45′25.2″E / 44.0161000°N 131.757000°E / 44.0161000; 131.757000

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