Stardust (1974 film)


Directed by Michael Apted
Produced by David Puttnam
Sanford Lieberson
Written by Ray Connolly
Starring David Essex
Adam Faith
Cinematography Anthony B. Richmond
Edited by Michael Bradsell
Distributed by EMI Films (UK)
Columbia Pictures (U.S.)
Release dates
24 October 1974 (UK)
12 November 1975 (U.S.)
Running time
111 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £555,000[1]

Stardust is a 1974 British film directed by Michael Apted and starring David Essex and Adam Faith. The film is the sequel to the 1973 film That'll Be the Day. Its tagline is: "Show me a boy who never wanted to be a rock star and I'll show you a liar."


Following on from the events in the late 1950s/early 1960s of That'll Be the Day, the characters Jim Maclaine, Jeanette and J.D. have moved into the mid 1960s/early 1970s and the growing career of aspiring rock star MacLaine. MacLaine has assembled a group of musicians and formed the band the Stray Cats, he seeks out his old friend Mike to become the band’s road manager. Mike acquires a new van, accommodation and a recording session for the group. MacLaine soon becomes a massive star and is plunged into the centre of media attention. He indulges in casual sex and heavy drug use and the film documents the detrimental effects of this success on MacLaine and his relationship with his friends and colleagues. In particular, MacLaine’s long-standing friendship with manager Mike is now soured by money and success.


By the end of the Stardust, the timeline has roughly caught up to the 1974 release of the film. Many of the characters were played by British musicians who had lived/were living through the era portrayed in the film including Essex, Faith, Marty Wilde, Keith Moon, Dave Edmunds and Paul Nicholas.

Main cast

Actor Role
David Essex Jim MacLaine
Adam Faith Mike Menary
Larry Hagman Porter Lee Austin
Ines Des Longchamps Danielle
Rosalind Ayres Jeanette
Marty Wilde Colin Day
Edd Byrnes TV Interviewer
Keith Moon J. D. Clover
Dave Edmunds Alex
Paul Nicholas Johnny
Karl Howman Stevie
Richard LeParmentier Felix Hoffman
Peter Duncan Kevin
John Normington Ronald Harrap
James Hazeldine Brian
David Daker Ralph Woods
Anthony Naylor Keith Nolan
Charlotte Cornwell Sally Potter
Rose Marie Klespitz Lucille
David Jacobs Himself
Donald Sumpter TV Producer
Bobby Sparrow Blonde 1
Claire Russell Blonde 2


The film was a hit at the box office and by 1985 had earned an estimated £525,000 in profit.[1]

Awards and nominations

BAFTA Writers' Guild of Great Britain for Best Original British Screenplay WINNER: Ray Connolly.

BAFTA Best Supporting Actor NOMINATED: Adam Faith.


The Stardust (soundtrack) was released in October on Ronco Records to coincide with the opening.


An independent Radio Drama recording project was completed in 2008 entitled That'll be the Stardust! which continues the story of Jimmy MacLaine jr. (son of Jim MacLaine).(Also see external link below).


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