Me & Isaac Newton

Me & Isaac Newton
Directed by Michael Apted
Produced by Jody Allen
Eileen Gregory
Paul G. Allen
Starring Paul G. Allen
Music by Patrick Seymour
Cinematography Maryse Alberti
Edited by Susanne Rostock
Clear Blue Sky Productions
Distributed by First Look International (USA)
Home Vision Entertainment (DVD)
Release dates
  • 1999 (1999)
Country United States
Language English

Me & Isaac Newton is a 1999 documentary directed by Michael Apted.


With a little humorous approach, the film explores human advances in the field of sciences. Both Apted and Paul G. Allen, director and film financer respectively, deploy segments of interviews with several scientists and researchers about their views in science, in the same way they previously did with arts in the documentary Inspirations.

The film features Gertrude Elion, Ashok Gadgil, Michio Kaku, Maja Matarić, Steven Pinker, Karol Sikora, and Patricia Wright.

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