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Location of Siriu
Coordinates: 45°28′N 26°14′E / 45.467°N 26.233°E / 45.467; 26.233Coordinates: 45°28′N 26°14′E / 45.467°N 26.233°E / 45.467; 26.233
Country Romania
County Buzău County
Component villages Cașoca, Colțu Pietrei, Gura Siriului, Lunca Jariștei, Muscelușa
  Mayor Cornel Dumitrescu (since 2008) (PSD)
  Total 223.51 km2 (86.30 sq mi)
Population (2002)[1]
  Total 3,246
Website Official site (Romanian)

Siriu is a commune in Buzău County, Romania, on the valley of Buzău River. It is composed of five villages: Cașoca, Colțu Pietrii, Gura Siriului, Lunca Jariștei (the commune centre) and Mușcelușa.



Siriu is located in the north-western part of the county, in the Buzău Mountains, at the Carpathians' curvature, on both sides of the Buzău River. The maximum altitude of the Siriu commune exceeds 1400 m.

The Siriu Dam, constructed between 1982 and 1994 and its artificial lake are located in the commune. Lacul Vulturilor is a periglacial lake also located in Siriu.

Flora and fauna

In 1972, 10 chamois were brought to Siriu and released in the wilderness of the mountain ranges. As of 2007, their number has risen to around 60. One of the largest firs in Romania, measuring 62 meters in height and 2.5 meters in diameter, grows in a forest in Siriu.[2] A protected plant, Drosera rotundifolia, can also be found in the Siriu forests.


The oldest attestation of Siriu dates back to the mid-sixteenth century. A document issued by the voivod of Wallachia granted ownership of some land in Siriu to Petru and Lupu.[2]


Many of the locals work at the Nehoiaşu hydroelectric power plant. Another branch of industry active in Siriu is wood processing. Other locals grow animals (mostly sheep or bovine), and fruit trees.


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