River Valley High School, Singapore

River Valley High School
Lì Huà Zhōngxué
(We shall uphold virtues and contribute to society. Through personal growth, we shall guide others in the quest for knowledge and wisdom)
6 Boon Lay Avenue
Singapore 649961

Boon Lay, Singapore
Coordinates 1°20′35″N 103°42′34″E / 1.343172°N 103.709490°E / 1.343172; 103.709490Coordinates: 1°20′35″N 103°42′34″E / 1.343172°N 103.709490°E / 1.343172; 103.709490
Type Government-aided
Special Assistance Plan (SAP)
Integrated Programme
Established 1956
Session Single session
School code 3103
Principal Mrs Teo Khin Hiang
Colour(s) Blue, White, Red
Team name Team RV
Publication "RV Times"
Mission To nurture in students bicultural acumen and moral integrity; to empower students to be thinkers, leaders and achievers with a global perspective.
Vision A world-class institution that develops leaders of distinction for Singapore.
Website rvhs.moe.edu.sg

River Valley High School (RVHS) is an educational institution offering the Integrated Programme in Singapore, founded in 1956.


Founded in 1956, River Valley High School (RV) was the first Chinese secondary school set up by the government. Initially known as the Singapore Government Chinese Middle School when it occupied the premises of Seng Poh Primary School, it was later renamed Queenstown Government Chinese Middle School when it was moved to Strathmore Avenue.[1]

River Valley High School admitted its first batch of English stream pupils when it was selected as one of the nine Special Assistance Plan (SAP) schools in 1979. It shifted from River Valley to West Coast in December 1986. Due to the smaller school campus at the West Coast site, the school became a double-session school. It reverted to a single-session school in 1993 after adding new blocks to the West Coast site. It was among the first six schools in Singapore to assume the ascendance to autonomous status in 1994. For its achievements in its CCAs, it was also one of the first schools to receive all three available Sustained Achievement Awards when it was first offered by the Ministry of Education in 2001.[2]

In 2006 River Valley High School was officially designated a 6-Year Integrated Programme school. Under the programme, students follows a six-year Integrated Programme curriculum which allows students to sit for the GCE 'A' Level examinations at year 6 without taking the GCE 'O' Level examinations. The final batch of GCE 'O' Level students graduated from River Valley High School in 2007.[3][4]


Name of Principal Native Name Years Served
Mr Suen Y-Chern 孙一尘先生 1956-1960
Mr Lim Hui Eng 林惠瀛先生 1960-1962
Mr Wong Cheong Chie 王昌稚先生 1962-1964
Mr Wong Bing Chie 王炳绩先生 1964-1974
Mdm Leong Fan Chin 梁环清女士 1974-1993
Mr Tham Tuck Meng 谭德明先生 1993-2003
Ms Ek Soo Ben 易素雯女士 2003-2009
Mr Koh Yong Chiah 许永正先生 2009-2012
Mrs Teo Khin Hiang 李惠翟女士 2012-Present

School Identity & Culture

School song

River Valley High School retained its school song in mandarin Chinese. The song, with close links to the school motto, represents the heritage of the school and the aspirations of the founders' hopes in educating the next generation. Students are reminded to bring glory to the school through excellence in both academics and behaviour. The school song is written in literary Chinese, giving it a poetic touch. The lyrics are written in verses of four characters, a parallel to Chinese idioms, with the exception of the last two verses. [5][6]


River Valley High School's crest is made of the school's initials "RV". The colour of red symbolises radiance, progress and vitality, the colour of blue symbolises steadfastness, graciousness and serenity, while white symbolises purity and receptiveness to innovation.


The school uniform is unique to River Valley High School, one of the most outstanding and identifiable uniform designs in Singapore. For Year 1 to Year 3, the uniform is all white, with a school logo at the front left chest that reads RV in red and blue - the school For Year 3/4, the uniform is white blouse with blue skirt/white pants.

Academic Information

River Valley High School Integrated Programme (RVIP)

From 2006, River Valley High School offers the 6-year Integrated Programme, allowing its students to take the GCE 'A' level examinations at the end their sixth year in the school. It also offers the Bicultural Studies Programme (Chinese), joining Dunman High School, Hwa Chong Institution and Nanyang Girls' High School. The programmed is aimed to nurture independant and passionate individuals who uphold strong moral character, effectively bilingual in English and Chinese language, and have a global perspective that allows them to face challenges in the changing world. [7][8]

Construct, Integrate, Differentiate (CID) Programme

The Construct, Integrate, Differentiate (CID) Programme is an integrated curriculum under the RVIP that focuses on knowledge construction with differentiation features to cater to the diverse talents and interests of the students.

The CID Programme provides students with opportunities to construct their own learning by integrating knowledge from various disciplines, using modes of inquiry appropriate to the subject or project that they are working on. In the CID Programme, students spend their freed time constructively on inquiry-based and research-oriented project work. Teamwork is emphasised through collaborative and co-operative learning.[9]

The programme is designed with the objectives of providing students with the opportunities to engage in individualised research in an area of strength. All students will complete coursework in Research Methods, an in depth learning of the quantitative and qualitative methods appropriate to individualised researches. With the completion of the Research Methods coursework, students can opt to undertake research in one of the following programmes: the Junior Scientists Programme (scientific research work), Innovators Programme (engineering and design), Mathematics Talent Programme and the Explorers Programme (humanities). Students can also seek attachments at the local or overseas institutes for the CID Extended Learning. Opportunities for further learning are also provided through overseas exchange programmes.

CHAMPS Programme

CHAMPS is an acronym for "Character Education; Health Education; Active Citizenry; Moral Philosophy; Physical Education; & Student Leadership Development". It is a unique and integrated Pupil Development Programme designed by RV. It focuses on the development of values and character. It seeks to develop life skills, and the social, national, cultural and moral consciousness of the students. ASK will be infused in the teaching and learning of PDP. Besides the core modules in CHAMPS, students would complete at least 1 PDP elective module each year.

Special Assistance Plan

River Valley High School, being a Special Assistance Plan school, has a very strong Chinese environment. Chinese language, culture and history are often emphasised in the School. It is compulsory for all Year 1 to 4 students to take up Higher Chinese as a subject, Chinese culture lessons are also mandatory in lower secondary and students can opt for Chinese Literature in upper secondary.

Co-curricular activities (CCAs)

Performing Arts

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