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Guinea is divided into 8 administrative regions which are further subdivided into 34 prefectures.

Boké Region Conakry Region Conakry Region Faranah Region Kankan Region Kindia Region Labé Region Mamou Region Nzérékoré RegionA clickable map of Guinea exhibiting its eight administrative regions.
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Region Capital
(2014 census)
Boké Boké 31,186 1,081,445
Conakry Conakry 450 1,667,864
Faranah Faranah 35,581 942,733
Kankan Kankan 72,145 1,986,329
Kindia Kindia 28,873 1,559,185
Labé Labé 22,869 995,717
Mamou Mamou 17,074 732,117
Nzérékoré Nzérékoré 37,658 1,663,582

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