Rangula Ratnam

Rangula Ratnam
Directed by B. N. Reddy
Produced by B. N. Reddy
Starring Chandra Mohan
Anjali Devi
Rekha (Child Artist)
Narrated by D.V. Narasa Raju
Palagummi Padmaraju
Music by Saluri Rajeswara Rao
B. Gopalam
Release dates
Country India
Language Telugu

Rangula Ratnam is a Telugu movie directed by B. N. Reddy, starring Chandra Mohan, Vanisri and Anjali Devi, under the banner of Vahini pictures. It is a social and political sattire involving a middle-class family in the backdrop of politics and elections. The film won National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu and golden Nandi Award for Best Feature Film.[1][2] B. N. Reddy introduced many stalwarts like Chandra Mohan, Vanisri, Rekha and Vijaya Nirmala as young artists to the film industry with this movie.


A united family of two brothers and a sister along with their parents move to a town. Elder brother (Suryam - Ram Mohan) finds easy way to get rich and marries the daughter of a rich politician and abandons his family. After their father expires, tragedy hits the family. The younger brother Vasu (Chandra Mohan) sticks with the family to take care of his mother (Anjali Devi) and sister (Vijaya Nirmala).

Chandra Mohan supports his family and also believes in common good for society. He falls in love with a co-artist who performs with him in stage dramas and performances and who is from another class in society.

Eventually, both brothers find themselves on the opposite sides while competing in the elections. During this struggle, family differences increase and their mother gets injured. The movie ends with the two brothers reconciling their differences.




All songs were composed by Saluri Rajaswara Rao and B. Gopalam, and written by the great lyricists in Telugu. Many of the songs are successful melodies. They fall in four classes, devotional used as prayers in a middle-class family, sad songs amid hardships, romantic songs and patriotic and social songs during elections.


Social themes:

Sad songs:

Romantic melodies


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