45th National Film Awards

45th National Film Awards
Awarded for Best of Indian cinema in 1997
Awarded by President of India
(K. R. Narayanan)
Presented by Directorate of Film Festivals
Presented on July 1998 (1998-07)
Official website dff.nic.in
Best Feature Film Thaayi Saheba
Best Non-Feature Film Jataner Jami
Most awards Thaayi Saheba (4)

The 45th National Film Awards, presented by Directorate of Film Festivals, the organisation set up by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, India to felicitate the best of Indian Cinema released in the year 1997.[1][2] Ceremony took place in July 1998 and awards were given by then President of India, K. R. Narayanan.


Awards were divided into feature films, non-feature films and books written on Indian cinema.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Name of Award Awardee(s) Awarded As Awards
Dadasaheb Phalke Award Kavi Pradeep[3] Lyricist Swarna Kamal, 1,00,000 and a Shawl

Feature Films

Feature films were awarded at All India as well as regional level. For !! National Film Awards, a Kannada film, Thaayi Saheba won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film also winning the maximum number of awards (4). Following were the awards given in each category:[1][2]


A committee headed by B. Saroja Devi was appointed to evaluate the feature films awards. Following were the jury members:[1][2]

All India Award

Following were the awards given:[1][2]

Golden Lotus Award

Official Name: Swarna Kamal[1][2]

All the awardees are awarded with 'Golden Lotus Award (Swarna Kamal)', a certificate and cash prize.

Name of Award Name of Film Language Awardee(s) Cash Prize
Best Feature Film Thaayi Saheba Kannada Producer: Jaimala
Director: Girish Kasaravalli
50,000/- Each
Citation: For its challenging portrayal of one woman who carries the burden of traditional constraints and restrictions of society and learns to overcome them with courage, dignity, sacrifice. In the process, she speaks for the emancipation of women.
Best Debut Film of A Director Bhoothakkannadi Malayalam Producer: Nair Krishnakamur Unni
Director: A. K. Lohithadas
25,000/- Each
Citation: For the director's competent handling of the delicate balance of the human psyche.
Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment Dil To Pagal Hai Hindi Producer: Yash Chopra
Director: Yash Chopra
40,000/- Each
Citation: For its clean, fun-loving portrayal of young people in the film that moves effortlessly and avoids any signs of violence or vulgarity.
Best Children's Film Ramayanam Telugu Producer: M. S. Reddy
Director: Gunasekhar
30,000/- Each
Citation: For presenting the classical Indian epic in an entertaining narrative style with child actors playing all the legendary characters with ease and verve. The film provides an opportunity for children to keep in touch with the country's cultural heritage.
Best Direction Kaliyattam Malayalam Jayaraj 50,000/-
Citation: For successfully transplanting the classic play by keeping the traditional "Theyyam" art form as a backdrop and weaving an extremely tight story, never losing control of the medium.
Silver Lotus Award

Official Name: Rajat Kamal[1][2]

All the awardees are awarded with 'Silver Lotus Award (Rajat Kamal)', a certificate and cash prize.

Name of Award Name of Film Language Awardee(s) Cash Prize
Best Feature Film on National Integration Border Hindi Producer: J. P. Dutta
Director: J. P. Dutta
30,000/- Each
Citation: For making an honest statement on patriotism, portraying the gallantry and sacrifies of the Armed forces, thereby instilling a sense of National pride.
Best Film on Family Welfare Samaantharangal Malayalam Producer: Balachandra Menon
Director: Balachandra Menon
30,000/- Each
Citation: For an original script evolved from personal experience in a film that nartures family and community life. The protagonist makes sacrifices in order to project the emotional and moral needs of his family members and through them projects a larger picture of the National Interests that bind us all.
Best Film on Other Social Issues Dhanna Hindi Producer: Films Division
Director: Deepak Roy
30,000/- Each
Citation: The film stands for the rights of a disabled person to be accorded the privileges of a normal human being within a family and in society. It states in a simple yet convincing manner that the disabled should be encouraged to develop their inner talents.
Best Film on Environment / Conservation / Preservation Bhoomi Geetha Kannada Producer: R. Mahadev Gowda
Director: Kesari Harvoo
30,000/- Each
Citation: For its sincere statement the need for a balanced approach towards environment and tribal cultures that get displaced in the course of development.
Best Actor Kaliyattam Malayalam Suresh Gopi 10,000/- Each
Citation: For his control and presence in a role that demands a wide range of emotions.
Samaantharangal Malayalam Balachandra Menon
Citation: For his realistic and sensitive portrayal of a middle-class man who stands up for this high principles.
Best Actress Dahan Bengali Indrani Haldar and Rituparna Sengupta 10,000/- Each
Citation: For their restrained, sensitive portrayal of two women caught in a web in which both face humiliation. The two actresses are inspiring in the way they emerge richer from their experience.
Best Supporting Actor Iruvar Tamil Prakash Raj 10,000/-
Citation: For his sensitive and consistent portrayal of a powerful character that spans a colourful political career.
Best Supporting Actress Dil To Pagal Hai Hindi Karisma Kapoor 10,000/-
Citation: For her spirited and moving performance as a young woman who values friendship and love.
Best Child Artist Dhanna Hindi Dhanraj 10,000/-
Citation: For actor's natural portrayal of a disabled person. His curiosity and interests make him turn from a social outcaste into a self-learning member of community.
Best Male Playback Singer Border
("Mere Dushman Mere Bhai")
Hindi Hariharan 10,000/-
Citation: For his melodious rendering of the heartwarming song.
Best Female Playback Singer Virasat
("Paayalein Chun Mun")
Hindi K. S. Chithra 10,000/-
Citation: For her effortless and playful rendering of the song.
Best Cinematography Iruvar Tamil Cameraman: Santosh Sivan
Laboratory Processing: Prasad Film Laboratories
10,000/- Each
Citation: For maintaining a consistent style and pattern that does justice to the period and scale that the narrative deals with.
Best Screenplay Dahan Bengali Rituparno Ghosh 10,000/-
Citation: For tactfully crafting a sensitive theme that dwells upon an incident which raises issues of social responsibility and personal awareness.
Best Audiography Ennu Swantham Janakikutty Malayalam Sampath 10,000/-
Citation: For using silence creatively to enhance a subject that deals with the isolation of a mind trapped in fantasy.
Best Editing The Terrorist Tamil A. Sreekar Prasad 10,000/-
Citation: For his sleek, officient and sharp editing which gives the film an absorbing pace, making it gripping and thought provoking.
Best Art Direction Thaayi Saheba Kannada Ramesh Desai 10,000/-
Citation: For his meticulous attention to minute details creating the exact atmosphere and aura of the film's period lifestyle and its changing perspective decade to decade.
Best Costume Design Thaayi Saheba Kannada Vaishali Kasaravalli 10,000/-
Citation: For her care and perception in designing the period costuming required for a film that covers a demanding range encompassing the upper class to the commom man.
Best Music Direction Annamayya Telugu M. M. Keeravani 10,000/-
Citation: For the film's rich, classical music scores and its devotional fervor.
Best Lyrics Border Hindi Javed Akhtar 10,000/-
Citation: For its evocative wording that is imbued with compassion for our nation and for human beings at large.
Best Choreography Dil To Pagal Hai Hindi Shiamak Davar 10,000/-
Citation: For the striking and aesthetic use of colour and design in the film with both elements enriching its rhythm and dance movement.
Special Jury Award Thaayi Saheba Kannada Jaimala (Actress) 25,000/-
Citation: For her restrained and compellig portrayal of a woman who silently goes through the journey of life with grace and poise.
Annamayya Telugu Akkineni Nagarjuna (Actor) Certificate Only
Citation: For his fine acting depicting various complex moods in wide ranging situations.
Ennu Swantham Janakikutty Malayalam Jomol (Actress)
Citation: For her natural portrayal of an innocent adolescent who becomes psychologically disturbed due to loneliness and rejection, finally her mental and emotional balance.

Regional Awards

The award is given to best film in the regional languages in India.[1][2]

Name of Award Name of Film Awardee(s) Cash Prize
Best Feature Film in Bengali Dahan Producer: Bijay Agarwal and Kalpana Agarwal
Director: Rituparno Ghosh
20,000/- Each
Citation: For the way in which film portrays two young women who undergo the agony of discovering the harsh realities of their situation and society.
Best Feature Film in Hindi Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa Producer: Govind Nihalani
Director: Govind Nihalani
20,000/- Each
Citation: For a moving depiction of the story of a mother who beings to realise her son's values and beliefs only after his tragic death and in the process emerges a stronger being.
Best Feature Film in Kannada Mungarina Minchu Producer: Jai Jagadish - R. Dushyanth Singh
Director: Rajendra Singh Babu
20,000/- Each
Citation: For its interesting and amusing portrayal of the unexpected series of events that change the life of all the character in this family.
Best Feature Film in Malayalam Mangamma Producer: NFDC
Director: T. V. Chandran
20,000/- Each
Citation: The film tells the story of a remarkable courageous middle class woman who takes challenge upon challenge in her stride. Each confrontation makes a comment on social structures.
Best Feature Film in Oriya Shesha Drushti Producer: NFDC
Director: Apurba Kishore Bir
20,000/- Each
Citation: For effectively portraying two generations trapped in a web - one that can't break away from its past - the other that tries to deal with a present with no future.
Best Feature Film in Punjabi Main Maa Punjab Dee Producer: Devender Walia
Director: Balwant Dullat
20,000/- Each
Citation: For the film's exploration of a suffering mother who undergoes the trauma created by her own sons and rediscovers her creative talent and rehabilitates herself.
Best Feature Film in Tamil The Terrorist Producer: A. Sriram
Director: Santosh Sivan
20,000/- Each
Citation: For the film's stylised, evocative presentation of a theme that introspectively and in a silent, subtle manner says a loud "NO" to violence.
Best Feature Film in Telugu Sindhooram Producer: Krishna Vamsi
Director: Krishna Vamsi
20,000/- Each
Citation: For the film's sincere effort at analysing, the problem of corruption which leads to disillusionment among the young and perpetuates violence within a society.

Non-Feature Films

Short Films made in any Indian language and certified by the Central Board of Film Certification as a documentary/newsreel/fiction are eligible for non-feature film section.


A committee headed by K. K. Kapil was appointed to evaluate the non-feature films awards. Following were the jury members:[1][2]

Golden Lotus Award

Official Name: Swarna Kamal[1][2]

All the awardees are awarded with 'Golden Lotus Award (Swarna Kamal)', a certificate and cash prize.

Name of Award Name of Film Language Awardee(s) Cash Prize
Best Non-Feature Film Jataner Jami Bengali Producer: Raja Mitra and Associates
Director: Raja Mitra
25,000/- Each
Citation: For its moving portrayal of a landless peasant's empowerment and his ultimate betrayal.

Silver Lotus Award

Official Name: Rajat Kamal[1][2]

All the awardees are awarded with 'Silver Lotus Award (Rajat Kamal)' and cash prize.

Name of Award Name of Film Language Awardee(s) Cash Prize
Best First Non-Feature Film Mizhavu - A Silent Drum Beat English Producer: P. D. Raphel
Director: K. R. Subhash
10,000/- Each
Citation: For its total and absorbing cinematic presentation of a unique and little-known percussion instrument.
Best Anthropological / Ethnographic Film In the Land of Lepchas English Producer: Government of West Bengal
Director: Anjan Bose and Manas Kamal Chowdhari
10,000/- Each
Citation: For the simple and humane depiction of life and values of the Lepcha tribe.
Best Biographical Film Mounam Sowmanasyam Malayalam Producer: Ravindranath
Director: Ravindran
10,000/- Each
Citation: For an insightful evocation of the shy and retiring filmmaker Arvindan, and the erudite assessement of his cinematic idiom.
Best Arts / Cultural Film The Official Art Form English Producer: National Gallery of Modern Art
Director: Suhasini Mulay and R. M. Gharekhan
10,000/- Each
Citation: For an important documentation of a vital transitional period of our cultural heritage.
Best Scientific Film Ayurveda English Producer: D. Gautaman for Films Division
Director: Bhanumurthy Alur
10,000/- Each
Citation: For an effective depiction of our ancient ayurvedic transition, and its reabsorption into mainstream medicine.
Cancer Hindi Producer: Bhanumurthy Alur for Films Division
Director: C. K. M. Rao
Citation: The film shatters many outdated beliefs about cancer and gives useful information about its prophylactic and curative treatment.
Best Environment / Conservation / Preservation Film Nature's Sentinels - Bishnoi Hindi Producer: Y. N. Engineer for Films Division
Director: Late P. C. Sharma and Shankar Patnaik
10,000/- Each
Citation: For a forceful portrayal of a little known community's longstanding crusade for environmental conservation.
Best Promotional Film Sarang - Symphony in Cocophony English Producer: Y. N. Engineer for Films Division
Director: Joshy Joseph for Films Division
10,000/- Each
Citation: For an inspiring documentary about a young couple's commitment to revive the silent valley through organic farming.
Best Agricultural Film Post Harvest Management of Potato Hindi Producer: Y. N. Engineer for Films Division
Director: V. Packirisamy for Films Division
10,000/- Each
Citation: For a well researched, informative and effectively communicated film which will be immense practical value to viewers.
Best Historical Reconstruction / Compilation Film Ayyankili - Adhastitharude Vimochakan Malayalam Producer: P. Sasidharan and A. Krishna
Director: R. S. Madhu
10,000/- Each
Citation: Besides being meticulously researched, the film also reconstructs the spirit of the first awakening against feudalisms and castes.
Best Film on Social Issues Matir Bhanr Bengali Producer: Anjana Ghosh Dastidar
Director: Debananda Sengupta
10,000/- Each
Citation: For an authentic portrayal of the struggle for identity empowerment by the underpriveleged girl child.
Best Educational / Motivational / Instructional Film Nirankush Hindi Producer: Venu Arora
Director: Venu Arora
10,000/- Each
Citation: For a powerful dramatic narration of a young social worker's endeavours to attack the deeper social prejudice behind the heinous crime of female infanticide.
Best Exploration / Adventure Film In Search of Excellence Hindi Producer: Kuldeep Sinha for Films Division
Director: Raghu Krishna
10,000/- Each
Citation: For a vigorous and inspiring look at Maharashtra's martially inspired popular sports including malkhamb.
Best Investigative Film Thirst Hindi Producer: Y. N. Engineer for Films Division
Director: Swadesh Pathak for Films Division
10,000/- Each
Citation: For a hard hitting indictment of the realities of water - resource mismanagement in rural India.
Best Animation Film Trade - Commerce Producer: Bhimsain
Director: Kireet Khurana
10,000/- Each
Citation: This intriguingly titled expose of the evils of child prostitution uses the animation form in a creative and aesthetic manner.
Best Short Fiction Film Hypnothesis Hindi Producer: Film and Television Institute of India
Director: Rajat Kapoor
10,000/- Each
Citation: For a serious look, light heartedly presented, of the travesties of mass cinema.
Best Film on Family Welfare The Saviour Hindi Producer: Shaila Paralkar
Director: Shaila Paralkar
10,000/- Each
Citation: This film simply and dexterously communicates the fundamentals of child health care to the masses.
Banglar Baul Bengali Producer: Yash Chaudhary
Director: K. G. Das
Citation: For its evocative exposition of family welfare issues employing the local folk and musical traditions.
Best Cinematography The Trail English Cameraman: Ashok Dasgupta 10,000/- Each
Citation: This experimental film deals with the decolonisation of the mind through its strong and artistic visual images.
Best Audiography Matir Bhanr Bengali Pankaj Shil 10,000/-
Citation: For its strong sound structure which is woven and enmeshed into the fabric of the film.
Best Editing Jataner Jami Bengali Ujjal Nandy 10,000/-
Citation: For the seamless and rhythmic flow of visual images, juxtaposing hope and despair in a harmonious aesthetic.
Special Jury Award Gotipua English Gulbahar Singh (Director) Certificate Only
Citation: For a well researched portrayal of the still-vital dance form which is the predecessor and creative source of the Odissi tradition.

Best Writing on Cinema

The awards aim at encouraging study and appreciation of cinema as an art form and dissemination of information and critical appreciation of this art-form through publication of books, articles, reviews etc.


A committee headed by Chidananda Dasgupta was appointed to evaluate the writing on Indian cinema. Following were the jury members:[1][2]

Golden Lotus Award

Official Name: Swarna Kamal[1][2]

All the awardees are awarded with 'Golden Lotus Award (Swarna Kamal)' and cash prize.

Name of Award Name of Book Language Awardee(s) Cash Prize
Best Book on Cinema Cinemachi Goshta Marathi Author: Anil Jhankar
Publisher: Rajhans Prakashan
15,000/- Each
Citation: For a certain originality of analysis written in perceptive style together with reliability of information which makes this book capable of enriching the readers understanding of cinema.
Hindi Cinema Aur Delhi Hindi Author: Savita Bhakhri and Adithya Aswathi
Publisher: Praveen Prakashan
Citation: For a well researched account of Hindi cinema with socio-economic aspects supported by extensive opinion surveys in the Delhi region which endows this book with considerable interest.
Best Film Critic English Deepa Gahlot 15,000/-
Citation: Her writings reflect a serious social and artistic approach to cinema, embracing its historical background and contemporary dynamics. It combines seriousness of understanding with popular communication and is thus of significance to the wider audience.

Awards not given

Following were the awards not given as no film was found to be suitable for the award:[1][2]


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