Railway Museum Mysore

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The Railway Museum at Mysore, India is an outdoor exhibit of vintage locomotives.

The Railway Museum was established in 1979 by Indian Railways, the second such museum after the National Railway Museum in Delhi. The museum is opposite the Central Food Technology and Research Institute on Krishnaraja Sagar Road. It has locomotives and a gallery of photographs and paintings depicting the growth of railways in India. Railway signals and lights are also displayed. The museum has a battery-operated mini-train giving a short ride for children on the grounds.

Model of locomotive


Austin Railway Car

Austin Rail Car

The picture at left is a 1925 model Austin, originally an automobile made for running on road. It was later sold to scrap dealer. A railway employee brought this car from scrap dealer and restored it. However, he made few major change to the car. He fitted rail wheels to the car and removed the steering. Thus began its journey as railcar. It was used for carrying inspection officials on track. It could carry six people.

YP 2511

YP2511 was built by Telco in 1963. It is a meter gauge steam engine. The plate containing YP 2511 boiler's details mentions that the boiler was built in 1957. The boiler was numbered 2352.

Wagnall 119-E

This narrow gauge steam engine was built by WG Wagnall and Co., Ltd in 1900. This engine was numbered NWR NG tank loco no: 119 E. It was used between Bangalore and Tumkur. This steam engine used wood instead of coal.


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