Radio in Turkey

Radio enjoys a large number of listeners in the Turkey. There are more than 1000 radio stations in the country. (see the List of radio stations in Turkey.)


The first attempts at radio broadcasting began in 1921 in Istanbul, Turkey. The first radio broadcast in Turkey began on May 6, 1927. In 1927, New York City, London, Berlin, Vienna, Moscow and Tehran connection was established. In 1945, Turkey's first university radio with ITU Radio was established. First state radio, on May 1 1964 TRT Radio began broadcasts. Establishment of private radio stations began in the early 1990s. Internet radio in the late 1990s began to be established.

Commercial radio

The first radio advertising in Turkey, was published in 1951. Ads were read by the announcer first. Then I created a custom clocks for advertising. Banks, private organizations, official and semi-official organizations issued radio ads. Faruk Sea, the first advertising company in 1956 "Television Commercials" was founded with the name. In the same year Türkan Sedefoğlu "Sedef Commercials" has established the company. Türkan Sedefoğlu the first woman advertiser.

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