RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra

The RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra (Slovene: Simfonični orkester RTV Slovenija) was established in 1956 within Radiotelevizija Slovenija. In the 50-year period of its work, it contributed a major part of archive recordings, composed by Slovenian composers, as well as contemporary and classical music from all over the world. Current chief-conductor of the orchestra is En Shao.

The beginnings of The Symphony Orchestra RTV Slovenia reach as far back as 1955 when it was conducted by the professor from the academy of music, the violin virtuoso and composer Uroš Prevoršek. The Orchestra was later conducted by Samo Hubad, Stanislav Macura, Anton Nanut and Lior Shambadal.

In September 2003 the chief conductor of the orchestra became David de Villiers; in Autumn 2006 the baton was taken over by the English conductor of the Chinese origin En Shao. All of them have taken the orchestra to an envying level of quality and creativity. The main activity of the Symphony Orchestra RTV Slovenia is concert recordings where top professional quality is shown. The orchestra performs an extensive and rich repertoire from baroque to modern symphony music, opera, oratorio and cantata, stage and film music, mostly with a stress on the creativity of Slovene music.

In the past years the orchestra attracted most attention at the concerts with the bands Siddharta and Terrafolk, where it engaged in the so-called crossover projects. We should also mention several concert pearls of the past year - the concert of the Symphony Orchestra RTV Slovenia with the famous pianist Ivo Pogorelić and the extraordinary concert on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Anton Nanut, the long-year artistic leader and chief conductor of the Symphony Orchestra RTV Slovenia, with the guest Irena Grafenauer, one of the most respectable flutists in the world.

Current concertmasters (as of 2014): Benjamin Ziervogel and Kana Matsui.[1]

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