Presstoff Holster

Presstoff Dreyse m1907 Pistol Holster
Type Ersatz Leather
Place of origin  Germany
Service history
In service Germany 1904–1945
Used by  Germany,   Switzerland,  Norway, ,  Finland,  USSR
Wars World War I, World War II
Production history
Produced 1900–1945

Presstoff (also Preßstoff or Pressstoff) is the German-language term for a type of ersatz or replacement leather used during the first half of the 20th century. Made of specially layered and treated paper pulp, Presstoff was durable and easily adapted to be used in place of leather, which under wartime conditions was rationed. First invented in the 19th century, it gained its widest use in Germany during the Second World War.

Military uses during WWII

Presstoff use included but was not limited to binoculars cases and straps, horse tack, bayonet frogs, equipment belts, cap visors etc. In short, Presstoff could be used in almost every application normally filled by leather, excepting items like footwear that were repeatedly subjected to flex wear and/or moisture. Under these conditions Presstoff tended to delaminate and lose cohesion.


    Presstoff late-war holster issued to Volksgrenadier, delaminating from flex wear
    Presstoff MG42 Gunner's Kit with asbestos barrel mitt, and leather strapping
    Mauser-made Walther P38 coded "byf 44" with mixed material leather & Presstoff holster made by Lederwarenfabrik Moll, coded cxb 4 (for 1944)
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