Pilton, Edinburgh

Pilton is a residential area of north Edinburgh, Scotland. It is to the north of Ferry Road, west of Granton and immediately east of Muirhouse. Pilton consists of two, mostly council, housing schemes - West Pilton and East Pilton. These schemes are regarded as two of the most deprived schemes in Edinburgh and suffer from high crime rates and anti-social behaviour especially young joyriders stealing powerful motorbikes and cars, driving them recklessly round the scheme.[1] Pilton is generally considered to be part of the larger neighbouring area of Granton.


Pilton compared[2] Pilton Edinburgh
White 88.8% 91.7%
Asian 3.6% 5.5%
Black 6.0% 1.2%
Mixed 0.9% 0.9%


Coordinates: 55°58′20″N 3°14′12″W / 55.97222°N 3.23667°W / 55.97222; -3.23667

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