Norwegian parliamentary election, 1949

Norwegian parliamentary election, 1949

All 150 seats in the Norwegian Parliament
76 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Einar Gerhardsen Arthur Nordlie Jacob Worm-Müller
Party Labour Conservative Liberal
Last election 76 seats, 42.5% 25 seats, 17.0% 20 seats, 13.8%
Seats won 85 23 21
Seat change Increase9 Decrease2 Increase1
Popular vote 803,471 360,961[a][b] 290,919[a][c][d]
Percentage 45.7% 20.5%[a][b] 16.5%[a][c][d]

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Einar Frogner Nils Lavik
Party Farmers' Christian Democratic
Last election 10 seats, 8.0% 8 seats, 7.9%
Seats won 12 9
Seat change Increase2 Increase1
Popular vote 188,997[a][b][c] 151,402[d]
Percentage 10.8%[a][b][c] 8.1%[d]

Prime Minister before election

Einar Gerhardsen

Prime Minister-designate

Einar Gerhardsen

Parliamentary elections were held in Norway on 10 October 1949.[1] The result was a victory for the Labour Party, which won 85 of the 150 seats in the Storting.


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Labour Party803,47145.785+9
Conservative Party279,79015.923–2
Liberal Party218,86612.421+1
Christian People's Party147,0688.49+1
Communist Party107,7225.80–11
Farmers' Party85,4184.912+2
Society Party13,0880.70New
Wild votes300.0
Invalid/blank votes12,531
Registered voters/turnout2,159,06582.0
Source: Nohlen & Stöver

a The joint list of the Farmers' Party, Conservative Party and Liberal Party won four seats, two taken by the Conservative Party and two by the Farmers' Party.[2]

b The joint list of the Farmers' Party and Conservative Party won three seats, all taken by the Farmers' Party.[2]

c The joint list of the Farmers' Party and Liberal Party won two seats, with both parties taking one each.[2]

d The joint list of the Liberal Party and Christian People's Party won no seats.[2]


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