Nikolay Krylov (marshal)

Nikolay Ivanovich Krylov
Born 29 April 1903
Balashov Uyezd, Saratov Governorate, Russian Empire
Died 9 February 1972(1972-02-09) (aged 68)
Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

Nikolai Ivanovich Krylov (Russian: Никола́й Ива́нович Крыло́в; April 29, 1903 – February 9, 1972) was a Russian Marshal of the Soviet Union (from 1962). He was commander of the Strategic Missile Troops from 1963 to 1972.[1]

During World War II, was chief of staff of the 62nd Army (1942-1943) and commanded the 5th Army (1943-1945). Following the war, he also commanded the Far Eastern (1947-1953), Leningrad (1957-1960) and Moscow Military Districts (1960-1963).[1]

Honours and awards

Krylov received the following honours and awards.[1]


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