National Land Survey of Finland

National Land Survey of Finland
Agency overview
Formed 1812 (1812)
Jurisdiction Government of Finland
Headquarters Opastinsilta 12 C, Helsinki
60°11′57″N 024°56′11″E / 60.19917°N 24.93639°E / 60.19917; 24.93639
Employees 1,761
Annual budget €127 million (2010)
Agency executive
  • Arvo Kokkonen, Director General
Parent agency Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

The National Land Survey of Finland (Finnish: Maanmittauslaitos, Swedish: Lantmäteriverket) is an official body, dealing with cartography and cadastre issues in Finland. It is subordinated the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

On May 1, 2012 the National Land Survey opened its topographic datasets for free use.[1]


The current director is Arvo Kokkonen.[2] The National Land Survey of Finland has offices in 37 localities across Finland, from Mariehamn to Ivalo. The number of employees totals approximately 2000. The organisation consists of a central administration and four operations units, which are Production, General Administration, Centre for ICT Services and Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI).[3]

The National Land Survey deals both with cartographic and cadastre questions, and upholds a national Geographic Information System. Furthermore, the NLS provides services concerning land, environment and buildings. The main customer is the private sector.[3]

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