National Academy of Scuba Educators

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National Academy of Scuba Educators
NASE Worldwide
Abbreviation NASE
Motto Dive training for a new generation
Formation 1982
Headquarters Jacksonville, Florida, USA
  • PO Box 3166 Jacksonville, Florida 32206
Parent organization
CDA Technical Institute (CDA), formerly Commercial Diving Academy

The National Academy of Scuba Educators, also known as NASE Worldwide, is a recreational scuba training organization which was founded in Texas during 1982.[1][2][3] In February 2011 NASE re-launched its image and developed new standards and practices.[4] NASE's training program consists of three streams - recreational scuba diving, technical and professional diving.[5][6][7] NASE operates in Colombia, Chile, South Korea, Russia and the United States of America.[8] It has a program of resort and dive center recognition with businesses recognised in the following countries - Barbados, Canada, Fiji, Honduras, Malaysia, and the Turks and Caicos Islands.[8][9]

EUF Certification

NASE Worldwide Inc. obtained CEN certification from the EUF certification body in 2008 and was re-certified in February 2016.[10]


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