Miles Mentor

M.16 Mentor
Role Training and Communications
Manufacturer Miles Aircraft Limited
First flight 5 January 1938
Introduction 1938
Retired 1950
Status Retired or Destroyed
Primary user Royal Air Force
Number built 45
Developed from Miles M.7 Nighthawk

The Miles M.16 Mentor was a 1930s British single-engined three-seat monoplane training and communications aircraft built by Miles Aircraft Limited.

Design and development

The Mentor was developed from the Miles M.7 Nighthawk to meet the Air Ministry Specification 38/37 for a three-seat cabin monoplane for use in a communications role. The requirement asked for the aircraft to be able to carry out instrument and radio training in day or night.

Operational history

The first prototype (Serial L4392) first flew on 5 January 1938. An order for 45 aircraft was received and they were all delivered to the Royal Air Force between April 1938 and February 1939. They were mainly used by No. 24 Squadron and by RAF station flights.[1]

Only one aircraft survived the Second World War, Serial L4420 was sold for civilian use in May 1946 as G-AHKM. It crashed on 1 April 1950 at Clayhidon, Devon and was destroyed.


 United Kingdom

Specifications (Mentor)

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