Miguel Albuquerque

Miguel Albuquerque
3rd President of the Regional Government of Madeira
Assumed office
20 April 2015
(1 year, 240 days)
Vice President Office abolished
Preceded by Alberto João Jardim
Mayor of Funchal
In office
September 1994  21 October 2013
Preceded by Virgílio Pereira
Succeeded by Paulo Cafôfo
Leader of the Social Democratic Party of Madeira
In office
10 January 2015  to date
Preceded by Alberto João Jardim
Personal details
Born Miguel Filipe Machado de Albuquerque
(1961-05-04) 4 May 1961
Madeira Madeira
Nationality Portugal Portuguese
Political party PSD of Madeira
Spouse(s) Elisabete de Albuquerque (1994–2008)
Sofia Fernandes (2009–Present)[1]
Children 5
Residence Funchal, Madeira
Occupation Politician
Profession Lawyer
Religion Roman Catholicism

Miguel Filipe Machado de Albuquerque is a Portuguese politician of the PSD and the current President of the Regional Government of Madeira. He took office as leader of the Social Democratic Party of Madeira on 10 January 2015.[2] He was a former Mayor (Presidente da Câmara in Portuguese) of Funchal, Madeira. Albuquerque likes gardening, growing many types of roses in his Duchess of Braganza Rose Garden.[3][4]

As Mayor of Funchal

As a Mayor he signed an agreement to the twinning of the city of Funchal and Gibraltar on 13 May 2009 by the then mayor of Gibraltar Solomon Levy, who had been an Evacuee during the Evacuation of the Gibraltarian civilian population during World War II from Gibraltar to Madeira. Levy then had a meeting with the then President of Madeira Alberto João Jardim.

In April 2012 Miguel opened a road in St Helier, Jersey, which was named Rue de Funchal, after his native city.[5]

Presidential Election

In the 29 March 2015 regional elections Albuquerque's centre right party PSD have held on to power after an overall majority with 44.4% of the votes and winning 24 seats in the regional parliament. It was the 11th time in a row the PSD has won an absolute majority in Madeira.

Background into the Election

This election was the first in which PSD's former leader and president of the region, Alberto Joao Jardim's name did not appear on the ballot, as he stated in 2011, meaning he would step down as the president and leader of PSD-Madeira in 2015. Albuquerque was then elected on 29 December 2014 as president and leader of PSD-Madeira, but he stated that he would not automatically assume the position as president of the Autonomous Region of Madeira without any elections, though parliament was dissolved. In accordance with the law, once parliament is dissolved, the president is obliged go to Lisbon to join a meeting of the Portuguese Council of State and to explain why parliament was dissolved. The president at the time Alberto Joao Jardim was called to attend, which he did and he asked Cavaco Silva, President of Portugal, to call an election in Madeira, which he did so for the 29th of March 2015.




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Party political offices
Preceded by
Alberto João Jardim
President of the Social Democratic Party of Madeira
Political offices
Preceded by
Virgílio Pereira
Mayor of Funchal
Succeeded by
Paulo Cafôfo
Political offices
Preceded by
Alberto João Jardim
President of the Regional Government of Madeira

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